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So I have a confession……. I’ve always wanted to be a singer.

I used to have piano and singling lessons growing up, and I always envisioned myself up on stage, like Beyonce, entertaining thousands of people.

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So I came across the  picture on the left on Instagram one day a while back, and it really struck a chord with me.

I’m an avid magazine reader, and  I have to say, sometimes, the emphasis on bodies and bikinis and diets can be well, a little depressing. 315 more words


Releasing can only happen into the Whole.

People often talk about ‘releasing’ difficult emotions…

Using the word ‘release’ as if it were just like dropping something in a bin.

This reminds me of what Julia Butterfly Hill said – we cannot throw something away – because ‘away’ does not exist. 132 more words


"You're Not a Jackass Whisperer."

If I were to adopt a mantra, I think it’d be this one:


I’m always inspired when I come across the story of someone who is brave enough to live this out. 732 more words


The Real Me

A visit from an old school friend that I hadn’t seen since I was fifteen years old had me in a tizz!!  Now, without giving anything away, that’s about 30+ years ago since we had seen each other.   660 more words

School Days


Because I love you
I love your scars
Trophies of all your wars

Because I love you
I love your ugliness
In and out of your dress… 13 more words