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Meet an Greet

About me: Hey everyone! I’m Laura writer and vloger for Tried, Tested and Truth. I’m a 27 year old work in progress. I’m relatively newly married to a man who went from a casual acquaintance to my best friend. 234 more words


Accidental Insult?

This young chick stopped me near Publix to ask me about my Kangoos that I was running in. She had a bag with bakery cookies in it. 63 more words

Real Life

When you don't have anyone

When you don’t have anyone you find out shit about yourself you didn’t want to find out. Like you’re always alone. Nobody really cares about you. 168 more words


Four nails.

It’s like repeatedly coming up for water and finding yourself under water yet again. You don’t know how but yet again you’re back in a huge mound of distress with no light at the end of the tunnel. 303 more words


Crossroads !

Have you ever thought of “crossroad”┬áscenarios you’ve faced in life, like even before you knew the literal meaning of the word per se?
All of us have and most of us still do, most of the decisions you make in life are based on priorities and not choices, this thin line between priorities and choices has ended up making your lives decisions. 672 more words


America's Hidden Gem-MINNEAPOLIS,Minnesota

The place I call home is Minneapolis,Minnesota. If you’re not from the Midwest you probably consider MN as a flyover state. However , I consider Minneapolis as a hidden gem. 470 more words

Boobs,Booty & Rolls

As I was deciding what to wear today, I decided that’ve should probably wear something else than lululemon leggings and a solid color v-neck shirt from target. 481 more words