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Reality is one of the possibilities I cannot afford to ignore.
Leonard Cohen
Beautiful Losers


Her: CAUTION: REACTIVE POST Because Reality Bites

You’ve read “Him” recent posts from an apology to his views on our latest dynamic. “Him” and I have differed greatly in our view of “us” and today I think we finally synced. 478 more words


LIFE. Don't Blink..You'll Miss It!

I reckon there is a good chance that I’m not the only one sitting here thinking “where the f*#% is this year going?!” It wasn’t until I was a few documents deep at the office that I realised I was still dating them in January!  578 more words


So, I saw this hilarious book today and it referred to certain people as humble-braggers-Know one?

I know this lady. She is kind in a syrupy way. She is genuine-I think. Well, she is a decent person, but I think when it comes down to it, she is out for she and her kid over anyone, but pretends to be a bend over backwards kind of person when she clearly is not. 597 more words

The Best Intentions

So, it would seem that I actually have a lot of things to blog about. There is no shortage of inspiration in the Romo house. Yesterday I thought to myself at least 20 times, “I should blog about that”. 660 more words


I Am Sad

In the dead of night it came to me
A sharp painful blow of harsh reality
Unlike times before
This brought a lingering sorrow

I tossed and turned pleading to be carried away… 51 more words

Is there a God in this world?

How can we prove there is a God in this world. This is quite a difficult task for a person who has convinced himself that there is a world. 135 more words