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Found A New (Old) Writer By Accident, And I Really Like Him

Alright, book #18 of 2015 is done. I’m thinking around the 20th or 25th book landmark I’ll do something super nerdy and pointless, like add up all the pages I’ve read so far… or something. 630 more words


let me reassure you

I will still love you.

if you didn’t have a face.

if you didn’t have a body.

when you won’t have a face.

when you won’t have a body. 23 more words


Special Forces explained to civilians.

From the news to movies, almost everyone has heard about special forces. Yet few people understand what the term means and if or how it differs from special ops ( operations ), elite forces or commandos. 1,705 more words


Passion to Write

Ever since I could remember, writing has been such a passion of mine. I started so many journals when I was little. They contained my deepest thought and were mostly about my crush and what he did that day. 1,089 more words

But It Is

I was recently reminded of a type of self-defeating verbiage that seems to be a part of many of our lives. Ask yourself, have I ever used phrases such as… 707 more words

Just Another...

Meat in Due Season?

Take a close look at the picture. Does anything seem familiar? Yes, it is a picture from Steak n’ Shake. Yes, it is a hungry man asking why this is such a small burger. 1,671 more words


How Science Is Changing My World

My journey into the rabbit hole of science didn’t start with an intention to understand the world around me. It began with my need to understand the world that exists inside of me: my mind. 668 more words