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The problem with most truths and lies or reality and illusions is the fact that they are often intricately weaved into each other. It’s very hard to sever the lies from the truth because they entangle and wrap themselves around it, so it must be done carefully, with constant doubt and an exeptance of mistakes to come. 137 more words


Up and coming TV: Sixteen Ep. 1 & 2

So! RECENTLY, I started reading around this up and coming show called Sixteen in all my k-pop news sites (ask me about them if you’re curious!). 279 more words

TV Shows


The problem with working in operations and having different shifts everyday?

1 You don’t get to sleep a lot

2 You don’t get any sleep at all… 420 more words


XXXI: Chaos Theory

Humans are officially one of the biggest, hottest messes to exist this side of the galaxy. This is what I’ve come to believe over the past week; namely taking cue from my own social existence. 628 more words



I’m currently in a very weird, indescribable mood; hence why I couldn’t findĀ a suitable title for this post. I just had one of those crazy, dancing-in-your-room-in-front-of-your-mirror type of sessions and as it ended, whilst sitting at my desk, I couldn’t help but wonder why we complicate life so much. 380 more words


No Ring Yet.

Before you go ahead and read this, let me just say that I randomly wrote this when? I have no idea but hey it makes a great post so here it is (yes, I did edit it) 656 more words

Social Personality Showdown

One of my favorite things about social media is that people have the opportunity to re-build their personalities. I mean, don’t get me wrong, but it’s nice to have a second chance at creating yourself. 418 more words