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I don't hate wolves except for the attention that they're getting

I’ve written about wolves and wolfaboos before but I did that when I was rambling. There is nothing wrong with (liking) wolves. The real problem lies with the overemphasis on wolves to the exclusion of other, even more misunderstood and endangered predators like sharks and crocodiles. 348 more words


"Hang on to your hats it's going to be a bumpy night"

So much misinformation.So many well meaning friends.They try,they do but they have no idea what it is to live day to day with bipolar (you look ok) disorder.A personal perspective from someone whose expiration may be coming due. Always broken


Japan is the France of Asia Pacific

Japan is the France of Asia-Pacific

While these are not unique to other countries, these two tend to be heavily defined by their most populous capital cities. 271 more words


Unreal Engine 4 Showcase

You know what is jaw-dropping? The video below. It is the new Unreal Engine 4, and if I would not have known that, I would have said it`s a timelapse video from some distant shore, filmed with GoPro. 28 more words


The Despondent Girl

Dear Colleagues ,

I have absolutely no faith in you.  OK, maybe I should say I’ve lost faith in you.   I feel as though I’ve invested too much time, energy and finance into you people, with no return.   418 more words


Dog Unfriendly Europe

Some Anglophonic dog owners have a very naive attitude towards Europe even though it’s not much better if mass canine euthanasia incidents in Romania and Ukraine are any indication but then again other countries aren’t any better either. 531 more words