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Off her dear diary.

Disclaimer: Doesn’t have any link whatsoever with the writer’s real life.

***** It’s a part of my diary, it’s a part of the girl’s diary who lives next door, it’s definitely there in the school’s head girl’s diary and it surely is a part of your English teacher’s diary as well. 1,782 more words


Mannequin Depressive

she stands in a long slow line at the grocery store
looking at magazine covers
where fabulous actresses and fitness models
in all their airbrushed glory… 72 more words

Original Poems

College Reflection Letter

Throughout this college research project, I was able to straighten out my priorities to distinguish my goals much clearer than I did before. Before this college project, my main goal was to apply for California State University, Long Beach and attend there for my undergraduate studies majoring in some type of health and minoring in art. 245 more words


No, I don't want to put a spell on you

I don’t want to put a spell on you

You are not mine and I do not

want to possess you,

expending more and more… 85 more words

The Reality We Choose

There is the reality we choose to create,
and there is the world that lies inside,
of different kinds, in different sides of my mind.
If only I could find that one,
the one that is for this world,
and concoct recipes for golden lights,
to make it happen. 62 more words
Breaking Hearts

Immaturity Gets Bad Press

A spirit teacher shares His understanding of timeless wisdom
expressed within the I Ching Hexagram 4- Immaturity.

Mountain is over Water. Both express Yang energy; Mountain… 200 more words

I Ching

Reality: I am not breaking news

I’m sitting in my cubicle, taking a break from reporting breaking news stories waiting for my source to call me back. I think of myself as Bernstein waiting for my pal Woodward to come help me crack the most epic news story of all time. 487 more words