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I was exploring some new techniques with this one. Stoked on how it turned out!
Gandalf – Charcoal and white pastel on grey paper

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61. (Eudora Welty)

Eudora Welty is as inaccessible a writer of short fiction as any. Like Hawthorne, she writes short stories that sit at a distance from realism. It is not the supernatural, per se, that sets her stories apart from realism; it is instead their being stubbornly captivated by a gravitational pull towards allegory. 894 more words

Brief Essays

It's National Pig Day!

“Portrait of Pig” is a large 7-by-5 foot painting made by Jamie Wyeth, a contemporary American realist artist. He is known for his monumental animal portraits such as this one. 12 more words

The Original Selfie

I finished (for the most part) this self portrait I have been working on.  I might fix a few little things here and there but for now I will call it done.   81 more words


Part III: Full Circle

What happens when we key in on subliminal product placement as gamers? As advergaming has progressed from mascot driven Atari pawns to realistically integrated players within the larger gaming landscape, brands have begun to position themselves as “in-on-the-joke”. 303 more words


Part II: Realism Takes Hold

Around the 1990’s, advertisers transitioned their efforts to a more subliminal, ‘product-placement’ centric advergaming technique. The joy of the original incarnation of advergaming was that the virtual world lacked the inherent defenses that many other mediums had when it came to advertising. 177 more words