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The Realist Turn

Just started this new blog and I hope that I can contribute to the blogosphere and enrich it with some thoughts worth thinking. Philosophy is occupied by anti-realist and construcitivist theories and only for some years now there is a realist reaction. 107 more words


The savior

“The Bible, a collection of honourable, but still primitive legends which are nevertheless pretty childish” – Albert Einstein

Who will save us? Who shall take away our sorrrow? 139 more words

Free Realistic avatar kit updated, now also with tools for kids

As soon as I rezzed my first prim an realised it was 50 by 50 by 50 centimeters, I realised I could use this scale to make things but to also make my avatar the same height as I am in real life. 458 more words


Yoga Teacher, why aren't you perfect?

Yoga Teacher, why aren’t you perfect?

Ugh! Even the most loving, peace-filled of yogi’s and yogini’s get frustrated!  The Dalai Lama has to pray for a peaceful heart several times a day, Gandhi prayed to not have feelings of ill will against those who hated him, and even Mother Theresa had many sayings about not giving up, even in to turmoil, …we say those things out of experience, not out of a mere possibility that it could happen! 593 more words