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I used Navy Pier’s Stain Glass Museum, Flower & Garden Show, and the Chicago skyline with Pavilion as my background in the painting.  My rolled shoulders, in the painting, show that I endured a long walk to get into the Chicago Flower & Garden Show 2015.

East Hants Fine Art Show and Sale

One of probably 6 juried pieces I’ll submit for the East Hants Fine Art Show and Sale May 2nd and 3rd.


Fine Art

El Decertor - Illusion

Street artist El Decertor is back in the Miraflores district of Peru where he just finished an incredible new piece entitled “Illusion.” Utilizing his incredible rendering technique and folk-inspired South American imagery, the piece is turning heads on the streets of Lima.


Working on "Cafe Malaga"

Here’s a small section close up. Still a ways to go on this piece but working away.


Fine Art

"Year of the Ram" update

Decided to give this guy just a little more definition today.


Fine Art

Realism in Speculative Fiction

As a reader of speculative fiction, I get to discover what life is like in worlds that aren’t yet possible or can never be possible.  Science fiction and fantasy are two of the main genres of speculative fiction, and while they’re both looking at life that’s different than what we know, they are very different from each other. 288 more words


What I Learned From Death

No, I didn’t actually physically die and then get revived like Jesus whatshisface. But I have dealt with a death of someone very close to me. 312 more words