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Graphic Subjective Matter

There’s a lot of froth and excitement on the Interwebs about the recent episode of HBO’s Game of Thrones, which involved a graphic rape scene. 875 more words


How To Lose Me In Seven Minutes

It’s summertime, and the television is empty. We’ve had season finales of the current shows that I watch and so I have been cruising Netflix looking for something to watch with dinner in the evenings. 1,038 more words

On Writing

The Element of Surprise

This presents the same scene from four different perspectives. It aims to give enough clues that by the end, you know what happens next.

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Short Prose

The Future of World War: Why Hegemonic War is Unlikely but not Impossible in Our Era

Rather than present a coherent academic argument with substantial evidence and a thorough literature review, I am going to use this blog entry as an opportunity to write about some of my thoughts about a subject of interest to me, while also reflecting on some of the academic literature. 3,645 more words

International Security

The Contemporary Master of Drawing

In addition to being my very favorite pencil artist, Mike Sibley is internationally respected as a professional artist, art educator, author, and the master of graphite pencil drawing techniques. 346 more words

Drawing: The Foundation Of All Visual Arts

Realism art

No title
Oil on canvas
100cm by 60cm


A Short Review for A Long Voyage

The Long Voyage of the Little Fleet (Family Law 2 by Mackey Chandler) is a fine story.

Family Law set the stage; a non-traditional family with an exploring background. 185 more words