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Theory & Practise

Everyday we learn something new and yesterday I had a nice lesson about theory and practise.

We were climbing and our trainer gave us some special routes from the last competition just to try out and check if we can conquer at least some of them. 227 more words

Personal Growth

Some Realisation On The First Day At Work...

Please feel free to move this thread and your views on this are very much appreciated It was my first day at work as you already know about it. 80 more words

Promises that I'll always keep

Promises that I’ll always keep

I never dreamed about living a life alone but Never cared much about what’s happening around,

Desperate in my own way about how things will turn out to be. 567 more words


Change happens with daily routine and not something extraordinary!

We crib about how things should change …and when they don’t we wish that one fine day something extraordinary will happen and change everything. This is the hope i had been living for quite sometime. 129 more words



As a young child I told lies to people, which were actually stories I formed. I derived joy from people believing them, then I’ll later tell them it was all made up. 270 more words




Just what is friendship?
Do we seek some benefit
And if so, for whom?
In the end friendship is there
To help us drop “you” and “me”

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