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"Wanting To Be Someone Else Is A Waste Of Who You Are" - Kurt Cobain

“Alter-Ego” – oil on canvas

I’ll admit that recently I haven’t been feeling myself. Everything’s been presenting itself as grey, or sometimes red, and I’ve often found myself irritated or morose at the tiniest of things. 672 more words

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We see with our eyes
A rippling apparency
Depths seem beyond us

Wee Poems

20 Things I Learned In My 30's

  1. Take responsibility for your own happiness.

Don’t expect other people to look out for your interests and make you happy. You are responsible for building a life you love so fill it full of doing things you enjoy, in a job you don’t just have to tolerate, and with people you actually want to spend time with – not those you feel obliged to spend time with. 2,004 more words


Compelling Ego

The idea that the ego is out to get you is just another story. A very compelling one, which may be why a lot of people buy into it. 11 more words


Final note...

He climbs over the edge wall of the terrace and looked beneath. He doubted if this height could crush his bones and let him die as soon as he hit the floor. 549 more words


Out of the eye of the storm...

Life is really a series of decisions in a quest to reaching what we believe will bring us happiness or peace: yes vs no; instant gratification vs long term gain; giving in to anger/infatuation/sadness vs willpower; sanity and reason vs irrationally going back into the eye of the storm. 561 more words


The Dead Girl

The impact of the hit

shattered the bottle.

That day, not only did the bottle shatter

something I hold close did too.

I crawled over, 123 more words