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A Long Overdue Realisation

Over the weekend I’ve finally realise something, something that I should have realised a long time ago, and something that is clearly long overdue.

I realised that I should be happy with who I am, with what I look like, and I should stop trying to change myself. 584 more words

A run around Dublin Architecture

Over the years the Dublin Marathon has been the forefront arena for people with a passion for running. As with any marathon it is clear that a winning and competitive nature can be involved but for those who know they probably wont win it can then act as a form of charity and giving, which in many cases is just as good as winning. 247 more words

Dublin City

A simple yet profound explanation of THE MIND through Yoga

It has been trying weeks – filled with regular tears and fears. Was rolling along life’s challenges and TA-DAH I came across a book on Yoga by Pandit Shambhu Nath. 1,163 more words


Every time I lie down on this bed,
With my head turned to a side
The mist of nihilism drifts slowly in-
Into this small space we call ours.. 219 more words


The Story of the Leaf and the Drop.

This drop shall evaporate
It shall lose its leaf.
The leaf might never bother;
It may grow old and dry up- Other drops may condense on it.. 78 more words


The Dance of the Damned

I waved alone-
My puny hand,
Its puny fingers
Were as sand
Is to the endless tides
Of the ocean, vast and grand.

Sunset lapped its dying rays… 399 more words



I haven’t had the best week. Okay that was a lie, it’s been an absolutely awful week – one I’d rather not relive.

One would think that in the depths of ocean deep grief, I would like be able to make something of my life. 256 more words