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Illusion or Undesired Truth?

I was recently talking to someone about the existence of God, and we went back and forth about evidence for His existence. Eventually the person said, “what if I don’t want God?” … 176 more words


When you don't have anyone

When you don’t have anyone you find out shit about yourself you didn’t want to find out. Like you’re always alone. Nobody really cares about you. 168 more words


Ser o Ser

Podría empezar estas líneas diciendo que me llamo Andrea, que tengo veintiseís años que nací por ahí y que he vivido por aquí y por allá.

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Maybe it's Maybelline!

“Beauty!”… What is the most accurate definition of this ambiguous word? The society wherein our generation has been brought up in seems to have adopted the questionable notion that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. 683 more words

Here we go...AGAIN!

Oops. Verkar inte bättre än att jag är anmäld till Göteborgsvarvet även nästa år! Nu ska jag lova mig själv att vara smart. Nu är det löpträning… 199 more words