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Is this for me?

I have decided to join the realty world and I am not sure if it is for me or not.  This blog is a journey of this career choice I have made. Wish me luck and follow!


What Hurts

What hurts more than people hurting me is when they try and be there for me. When they hurt me I can defend myself and most of the time I can figure out why, simply because I’m just not worth it. 87 more words



Praising one for what you would condemn another for is lethal to your character. Don’t murder truth.

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A silent legend

A true self not allways easy to handle
A beautifull soul teared apart by flesh
Human desires make us do bad things
jalousy and heresy… 85 more words

Love is a mess

Love is a mess. That’s what I heard today. I laughed to myself as the realization that this is probably the most accurate description of love that I’ve heard. 356 more words


Is this Real?

When you ask “what is real?”, I am going to reply with I don’t really know. Everything we see, touch, smell and hear is just some electrical impulses in our heads that we interpret how we want to perceive it. 649 more words