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A New Perspective on Traditional Wellness

By:  Robert Liebau, MSEd, ATC, VATL, CWS

In most discussions of wellness there are five distinct kinds of wellness that can be identified.

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St. Joseph EMT Carlos Garcia Shares 9-1-1 Emergency Dispatch Tips

Did you know… that 9-1-1 EMS dispatch can more easily locate calls coming from landlines? With the hyper-technological society we live in today, even hearing the term “landlines” can feel like… 188 more words

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21st Century Patient-Centred Care: A digital citizenship contribution

Before we embark on this new era of healthcare, are we clear about our shared purpose, the end goal of co-creating 21st Century Patient Centred Care? 1,257 more words


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A terrific post about 21st-Century Healthcare goals. This describes the motivation behind Real Wellness!

3 Ways to Beat Stress with Music

Do you think most people answer “yes” or “no” when asked: “Do you want something that you can put between you and what stresses you?” Although we may not have a definitive answer to this question today, we know that stress has a very significant impact on our physical health. 436 more words

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[INFOGRAPHIC]: Oral Health Affects Overall Health in Women

A must-see infographic created by Delta Dental! Take care of your teeth and oral hygiene, ladies; it is key to your overall health and wellness!

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