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My butt is not just a trend!

I’d like to start with an apology, I have been MIA for over a month now, I chalk that down to laziness and procrastination; I really should work on that. 869 more words

Real Talk

Frustrated Artist

I love drawing but it seems like it doesn’t love me. I’m always trying my best to draw and create a legit artwork.

Here are some of my latest work (haha): … 224 more words


Poems from 2002-2007 Part 3

Beauty is all I see

There’s nothing really left that can be

All that’s been held inside, has vanished from with-in

Without a second to lose… 80 more words



Hello Everyone!

As of lately, I’m been battling with some decisions that I need to make. When I look at my friends and family, I see that all of them know exactly what they want, whether it’s career wise, relationships, school, etc. 235 more words

Mini Asks #3: “Validation Comes From?”

Hey guys its Mini!

I’m back after a super long hiatus! I have stopped existing on this blog for a little while and only Fobz has been putting the time for this so here’s time to pull my weight and reach out to you guys again. 725 more words


I'm the best, how could you NOT want me?!?

Okay, I’ve gotta be the ego buster. I was trolling Instagram and saw a great post, one that at some point in life is very easy to relate to. 349 more words


Is God calling you into ministry?

A lovely reader of this blog left a comment on one of my posts asking how to know if there is a call on your life. 549 more words

Real Talk