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A Heart Without A Home

You know oft used phrase “Home is Where the Heart Is”, is a statement that rings true in so many ways, but it flawed in very demonstrative and tangible way. 462 more words


#thedon speaks: FOLLOW YOUR HEART

A DON’S THOUGHT: I recently heard in a motivational video this statement from Les Brown. “When it’s a tie between your mind and your heart. Follow your heart, because in your heart, you have to believe you can do it.” 172 more words


Real Talk: The Mission Behind The Position

Positions can be a tricky thing to go about changing. Do you switch it up and risk having the worst sex of your life or do you stick with the usual Tuesday night routine, even if it starts to feel a little too… 524 more words


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Islam Still Burning People Alive

I have chosen to quote Sam Harris here because he seems to be one of the few atheists that have read the Quran and understood the barbarism of its central message. 2,407 more words


As of Late

The soundtrack: Moon Safari by Air.

The setting: In bed with my husband…and cat. They’re sleeping as I furtively type this.

I’ve been so hell-bent on making this blog work that I’ve totally lost my own voice. 133 more words

Dashboard Confessional