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A Pocket's Worth Of Pay Makes Me More Worried Than Glad

As I feared, our salaries settled into the payroll accounts during the early evening, which meant that the money, at least in my case, will have to spend the weekend… away from me, if it stands a chance of getting deposited into my savings account at the start of next week. 370 more words

Personal Thoughts

Loving an Aquarius Man

Loving an Aquarius man
is no easy task,
You must abide by there rules
so you do not sound “rude” or
disrespectful because you don’t… 76 more words


He is Smiling.

I simply have never been happier in my entire adult life.

I mean who’s to define adult, but seriously.

As I was sitting at my job, which I feel deep in my heart I can truly call a career, I felt valued. 779 more words

Real Life

Fuck this

Originally posted on My FetLife page

I hate how easy it can happen, those tiny shift back into vanilla. The silence, the passive-aggressiveness, the lapses in protocol that can happen on both sides. 186 more words


My slave struggles from time to time..

Originally posted on My FetLife page-

My slave struggles, and in the past I have struggled with her struggles. Her early family life was difficult to say the least. 476 more words


Dream Weaver

Lill? Hey, Sean said he can’t play D and D tomorrow night.
I’m up.
Yeah, but so we’re going to have to cancel tomorrow.
Why? 136 more words


You only get one you. Rock it.

Growing up I wasn’t a fan of Star Trek:TOS but I did like Spock and Scotty. Spock was the weirdest thing I’d seen on TV, up to that point, but that didn’t seem to bother any one more so than make the team better. 222 more words

Real Life