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Just Pass On The Weekend Excitement

I’d have liked to just sleep for most of the morning, but as luck would have it, I woke up way early again.  Of course, this meant that everything I planned on doing was just moved several hours earlier, up to and including playing with the baby. 148 more words

Personal Thoughts

Nourished Life Gratitude List 2015 – Week Nine

My belly is happily full of crumble cake and sweet potato and spinach salad and I am sleepy from a day spent out under a tree canopy picnicking with my family. 783 more words


In Business Life & Real Life (Mine Seem To Intertwine)

Relationship builder and trustworthy and innovative event producer and marketing manager with extensive knowledge and experience in bringing traditional pr, advertising and marketing concepts into today’s new media with effective and lasting results through creativity and imagination with the clients specific needs and desires in mind from the very first meeting to the very first and certainly not the last successful campaign. 785 more words


Working Retail: Diary of a Douchebag

I complain about my job a lot, and make passive aggressive remarks, or what I guess can be considered passive aggressive.

“I’m graduating in May.  I’m graduating in May.   414 more words


Barbecue Blues

My meth pipe cost more than that.

We were enjoying our favorite barbecue on a brisk Saturday morning when the fatal words drifted across the crowded room and crawled into our ears. 394 more words


james bond

For positive reinforcement I am repeating this every morning looking into the mirror.  James Bond you are looking well today. You have a license to kill, so get out there and knock off a couple bad guys. 55 more words

Real Life