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My Ex Boyfriend Was Abusive & I Allowed Him To Be

Writing this down when I know that it is going to be made so public is difficult. It’s always hard putting your feelings out there, and especially so when they involve another person, but I do feel as though this has to be done so here goes: my ex boyfriend was psychotic and nearly ruined my life. 1,146 more words


Forgiveness Does Not = Weakness

At 20, life wasn’t quite like I had imagined it would be. I was in an emotionally abusive relationship where I felt worthless regularly. I was getting ready to move into my first apartment. 1,172 more words

Alamakjang, HAPEKUUUUUUU........!!!

Ini kejadian hari Jumat kemaren… ah… dimana SEBAGIAN BESAR kenanganku hilang, uhuk… :’(

Pas berangkat ke sekolah, aku bawa hapeku yang mengandung aplikasi WordPress Android, aku masukkan hapeku ke dalam saku, lalu aku naik sepeda motor dibonceng bapakku… lalulalulalu, waktu sampai di sekolah… aku ngerasa… SAKUKU KEMPES! 215 more words

Real Life


Last night was another one of those nights where I went to bed hopelessly high. It was completely worth it, because I was with friends at a sushi restaurant and I felt like a normally functioning person for a little while. 317 more words


Blank Paper

Blank sheets of paper are intimidating. Sometimes you have thousands of thoughts floating in your head, but no way to get them on to the paper. 1,075 more words


A quickie about compersion 

Compersion- the joy that you feel in your partners sexual happiness with another.

Compersion is being excited for your slave when you hear that she just had phone sex with a guy she met on tinder. 158 more words


What do you expect?

First, I want to apologize for not posting the last few days. I have been home sick with a terrible sinus infection. You know the kind that knocks you off of your feet, when you can’t do anything but sit in a recliner and shove tissue after tissue in your nose hoping it will somehow pull the clog of snot out? 797 more words