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So now I'll tell you.

My relationship with Tom isn’t perfect, but it’s ours and we do it our way. We were friends for a while before we got together, both attracted to each other from that first meeting in my house, but neither of us realised how the other felt. 341 more words


Would I be better off staying alone?

This week I had two first dates, with two lovely guys who both said they’d like to see me again. I didn’t immediately ‘fancy’ either of them but I enjoyed my evenings so I will meet with them both again. 506 more words


So maybe I am likeable after all......

Last night was my second first date of the week, this time with Joe. It was another enjoyable night, we chatted in a bar for a couple of hours and I found him really interesting, he had some amazing stories to tell. 375 more words


Stuck In A Rut

So it’s been almost a month since I posted. And while I’d love to claim the “I’ve been so busy” excuse, I don’t feel like I can necessarily do that in good faith. 336 more words

Aspiring Writer

Well that went better than expected.......

Last night was my first date with Craig and it seemed to go relatively well.  I was a little annoyed during the day as I asked if we were to meet outside the bar we were going to and he said he’d get me inside.  424 more words


Bob heaps more misery on Gary

With the recent news that the name Gary could be completely extinct within the next few decades the growing list of Celebrities opting for bob haircuts this summer has been heaping urine on to an already pissed on bonfire. 83 more words


You mean I have to leave the house?

So tomorrow night I leave to comfort of my home and go on a date. On Wednesday night I will do the same. I’ve given online dating a go again and tomorrow I’m meeting Craig. 263 more words