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Cocoa - The dog everyone will love

My friend bought a pup recently. A Labrador – girl – golden. And since he knows my canine affinity,  sent me a photo. This photo: 626 more words


Real Life: Legende Legate de Traditia Martisorului


Martisorul, care este oferit persoanelor dragi, pe 1 martie, ca vestitor al primaverii, a primit de-a lungul timpul semnificatii diverse, de la dar aducator de noroc la simbol ar renasterii naturii… 789 more words

The Girl Who Know To Much

And then there were 10!!! (Reality bites...and so do puppies!)

We had to keep our puppies with us until they were 45 days old, as a rule of the Kennel Club of India. After 45 days, one of their doctors comes to certify the litter and take down their names, after which they dispatch the papers; but the pups can go their homes after the certification. 289 more words


Fuck this

Originally posted on My FetLife page

I hate how easy it can happen, those tiny shift back into vanilla. The silence, the passive-aggressiveness, the lapses in protocol that can happen on both sides. 186 more words


My slave struggles from time to time..

Originally posted on My FetLife page-

My slave struggles, and in the past I have struggled with her struggles. Her early family life was difficult to say the least. 476 more words


Warning, moaping in progress!

I’ve hit a slump with my art again.
I usually do this when I either over think things or I feel like I need a change of direction. 251 more words


And then there were 10!! (The beginning)

When Poly was expecting her first litter of pups, we were probably the most enthusiastic and happy family on the block. Never had we so eagerly waited for something; those 60 days could not have been more eventful. 451 more words