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Have a little faith

Have a little faith!!”, a friend of mine told me.

And that got me thinking (as usual), about how it was so easy for him to say something that. 421 more words

Real Life

Jordan Pond, Cadillac Mountain Summit

New additions to the Movies for Geoff:

Jordan Pond and Cadillac Mountain Summit, with Cerby, July 2, 2015.

Real Life

T&L 2: The Maltese Coast

The tiny island nation of Malta is an adventurer’s dream. Located in the Mediterranean Sea, Africa, the Middle East, and Europe collide into a culture seen nowhere else. 655 more words

Real Life

T&L Day 1: The Show Must Go On

The play was called “It Was a Dark and Stormy Night,” and it spoofed on old horror stories. The characters were stereotypes, like the college co-eds, the crazy old spinsters, the brutish madman, the con-artist, and the cocky gumshoe, all stuck in a New England inn during a storm. 714 more words

Real Life

Truth and Lies

After having such a great experience with allowing others to read my plays, I’ve decided that I need to write more and to be more confident in my writing. 111 more words

Real Life

Snippets of Childhood

My third challenge for the month of June was to dramatize something from my childhood, which honestly shouldn’t be that hard. But then again…I thought the second challenge wasn’t going to be hard and I totally managed to completely biff that one, so we’ll see. 605 more words

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