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What Ya Gonna Do This Summer?

I’m stealing this idea from Philebrity editor Joey Sweeney. What are the things you are looking forward to between now and Labor Day 2015? Here’s Mine. 520 more words

Fructify is the Shakespearean Word Of The Day (05/25/15)

Fructify (v.)

Fructify means bear fruit, become fruitful. Fructify is cited in two of Williams Shakespeare’s play Love’s Labour’s Lost (LLL.IV.ii.29) Nathaniel says to Holofernes, of Dull: “We thankful should be for those parts that do fructify in us more than he.” 25 more words


Psychic Email Readings within 24 hours

Crystal Sky and her Psychic Email Readings within 24 hours
Australian Psychic Crystal Sky.

Crystal has been working as a psychic field since 1997 and is considered to be one of the most intuitive Australian psychic experts working online. 149 more words


Announcing: A Very SPOC Engagement: Hitchin's and Such on 6/14

Ring dem heteronormative bells cuz it’s June, the month where everyone’s blowing up your Facebook feed with pics of banquets, bouquets, brides and other such nonsense. 93 more words


Today's reading

The Hermit
The time of The Hermit is here. Whether he appears in the guise of an outward guide and mentor or simply as a state of mind, you will know it’s time to withdraw and rest. 146 more words


Love had never been good to me in the past. Yes, there were moments when I felt joy with whatever I was feeling then, but at the end of the day, love will claim back those happiness to pour me with large doses of sadness and despair. 287 more words


Your Card for Sunday: 2 of Pentacles

For this new week on the blog, I will be using the Hoi Polloi Tarot.

The Hoi Polloi is a set straight from the 70s. 531 more words

Your Cards