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Disvouch is the Shakespearean Word Of The Day (03/29/15)

Disvouch (v.)

Disvouch means disavow, contradict, refuse to acknowledge.  Disvouch is cited in William Shakespeare’s play Measure for Measure (MM IV.iv.1) Escalus says to Angelo about Duke: “Every letter he hath writ hath disvouched other.” 20 more words


Designing Intuitive Applications

A common mistake in application design is to first design and build an application, and then figure out how to teach people to use it. This pattern often ends with applications that have steep learning curves and don’t lend themselves to quick, “just sit down and start using it” sorts of interactions. 424 more words

Reflection on The Six of Cups

Every day, while I’m waiting for my pot of morning tea to brew after I arise from bed, I deal a ten-card Tarot spread, with the cards laid down in the pattern of the Sephirotic Tree of Life; it’s become my default “advice” spread these days. 624 more words


What Are Intuitive Interfaces?

What is it to be intuitive?

Every time we are presented with a new piece of NUI (Natural User Interface) hardware it seems to come promising a better way of intuitive interaction. 915 more words

Tarot 101: Suggested Decks for Beginners

CBD Tarot de Marseilles by Yoav Ben Dov — Author of “Tarot: The Open Reading”, available for order on Amazon as a paperback or for Kindle. 74 more words


Special Tarot reading rates to celebrate five years of blog posts

Today is my 5 year anniversary on WordPress, and in that time I’ve created almost 1,400 blog posts. (This means that on average, I’ve posted here on about three out of every four days in the last 5 years!) You can find a list of some of the highlights in… 119 more words


Photo Essay - People Pages

Here are six different examples of people pages of different organizations:

Mindgrub – Mindgurb’s people page is one that I like. I feel like it has a lot of information on there and it might help if the information was reduced and only the employee’s name and position was shown on this main page, it might be less crowded. 467 more words