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Graphic Stories

I chose to read “Love In A Very Cold Climate,” “The Sleeper,” Ordinary Bob,” Sudoku City,” and “Teapot Therapy.”

At first, I attempted to read “Sudoku City” from left to right as I normally would. 362 more words

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A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Going through the list of graphic stories, the following five were my favorites: “Sudoku City”, “The Anniversary”, “The Colour of C”, “The Sleeper”, and “Teapot Therapy”. 435 more words

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Reading Response #3 ( ...Continued.)

How To Use Social Media In Education (Part 1 of 2)

I like the way this article covers things like the change we have experienced in education, regarding technology use. 483 more words

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Graphic Novel Reflection

The graphic stories that I chose to read and the stories that we have read this semester have many similar techniques. Both short stories and graphic novels we have read for this creative writing course have a simple plot. 282 more words

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ICC in Crisis?

In Mark Kersten’s blog post to Justice in Conflict, he analyzed the perception that the ICC is always in “crisis”. The ICC has faced trouble in the past few years, most recently failing to prosecute Kenyan President Kenyatta and Vice President Ruto for their roles in the post election violence in Kenya. 190 more words


Reflections 2.25.15

In reading the supplemental articles that were provided by Brenda Cowen, our guest speaker today, I learned a lot about the different ways that narratives and story forms can be exhibited in different ways, to create different connections with different audiences.  306 more words

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Bautman's views on long novels.

I completely disagree with Bautman. My whole entire life I read novels from almost every genre. Contrary to what Bautman says, each novel that I read was different. 314 more words

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