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Annavittoria Conner, Project 4

I have been exploring the domestic life with my projects this semester so I decided to continue with this theme for this project. I wanted to use sounds that represent domesticity and poke fun at this idea. 113 more words

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Colton Rob - Project 4

Chapter One (Creation & Destruction)

I came to class unprepared, to be honest. I intended to record feedback loops at home
and manipulate them here in class, but as Tuesday was a work day, I was forced to work… 78 more words

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Kalie Roloff Audio Project

My intention in creating this project was to mix sounds I found on my own with sounds found online. I wanted to create an environment that the listener can feel as though they are a part of. 55 more words

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Lucy Brandon- Project 4 Audio

After recently moving in with my future in laws while my fiancé starts his new job in Austin, I have been experiencing a new home and a new environment. 123 more words

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Bethany Villarreal_Project #4

I had a certain idea in mind when the project was handed out to us but then I changed my mind at the last minute.  I heading to school on Monday and of course was stuck in some traffic.   441 more words

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Analyzing English Curricula

In her article “Literary History and the Curriculum: How, What, and Why,” Jennifer Summit underlines some problems her graduated students have had with their undergraduate classes. 336 more words

Senior Seminar

Brittany Hayden_ Sound Art

When I was recording the sounds for my project I didn’t have an idea or theme in mind, I just started to record sounds that I thought would be useful and interested me. 188 more words

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