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ISIS Flags Waved Outside Big Ben - Where Is The Outrage?

More importantly, where was the public outrage, down on the streets? Purportedly, ours is a country intolerant in the face of hate speech. Chief among the admissions of hate, surely, is the support of an organisation solely conceived to spread intolerance, terror, domination and destruction to those it deems its enemies. 167 more words

Raspberry Review

useless words

I’m tired of words and
their ostentatious attempts
to wrap sentiments
like ornaments
to colour the lies
my lips dare unveil

I want unfathomable
tints and shades and hues… 24 more words


Who Really Sins The Most?

Sitting here writing this, reminds me why my views on religion are so obscured. In my life I have been Atheist, Catholic, other Christian Sects, and many varying other types of ideology. 545 more words

Instant Reaction: Celtics Lose To Utah, Marcus Smart Leads The Charge

In the first Summer League game for the Boston Celtics who lost to the Utah Jazz 100-82, there wasn’t a whole lot to like besides some individual efforts and Marcus Smart doing everything he could to keep his team in the game while filling up the score sheet. 445 more words

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Why can refusing to react to our negative thoughts be a difficult task to accomplish?

Beyond our histories and our old, limiting beliefs, I believe a strong force of habit is responsible for our reactions to paranoia, fears and false ideas causing doubts. 13 more words