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India's Daughter: A Misleading Promise

After furiously expressing angst over its ban and anticipating the debate it might rekindle about rape culture in India, viewing India’s daughter left me disillusioned and disappointed. 682 more words


Day 3 - What Am I Noticing?

Today is my third day of this blog. I know I probably sound insane but I’m noticing the difference already. I have added a page called “Things I Love”. 593 more words


Pineapple Banana Smoothie

See this little guy? It gave me an allergic reaction. I forgot I’m allergic to pineapple… haha. But mmmm, was it good.

Well, at least I think it was an allergic reaction. 262 more words


sometimes i get angry (ferguson DOJ report reaction)

sometimes  i hate white people


and what seems to me


as their  blatant disregard to anyone else but themselves


them as white men and women, 111 more words



Another reaction ready to go! Again, we are in search of new music, so if you have something you think is great, suggest it to us, please! 325 more words


Practice 14

Continuing the thread of practices 12 and 13, we are still considering the impact of other peoples’ malice and how we react.

If our name/reputation is slandered, and even if other people believe these lies, we do not retaliate.   42 more words