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Ruth Bader Ginsburg Still Does Push-ups And 9 Other Crazy Things We Just Learned About Her

Wow. I didn’t know how much I didn’t know about the great Supreme Court Justice, Ruth Bader Ginsburg – or RBG.

Irin Carmen nabbed a primo interview with her that aired on The Rachel Maddow Show Monday.  1,310 more words

Gloria Christie

More like Ruth Bader ‘Gin’sburg

Earlier this year, pictures emerged showing Ruth Bader Ginsburg asleep during the State of the Union address and many assumed the ninety seven year old Supreme Court Justice was merely tired from being incredibly old. 566 more words

Dispatches from the Queen of Dissents: Justice Ginsburg's 2015 Tanner Lecture

When she spoke, I noticed the difference in temperature: words of wisdom, warm and kind, stood in stark comparison to the bitter and harsh cold of outside, both in degrees Fahrenheit and in empathetic (or lack thereof) logic. 2,320 more words


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WoW PvP and Alts levelling

Hi guys,

These days the 2 main things I do when I log into World of Warcraft is playing PvP(player vs. player) or levelling more alts(alternative characters) to play PvP on. 422 more words