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Mill Creek Musings: Please Murder Me (1956)

“Dear Ray: In exactly… 55 minutes, I will be dead. Murdered. First of all, let me explain, I find myself completely sober, reasonably sane, and not at all surprised.

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This picture, undoubtedly, shows low-key lighting which is a very important lighting in the movie. Low-key lighting usually leaves most of the background as well as part of the scene dark. 1,036 more words

Film Noir Friday: Please Murder Me (1956)

Peter Godfrey helms Please Murder Me, a terse 1956 film noir featuring Angela Lansbury and Raymond Burr. The two leads would obviously go on to television fame in subsequent years, but here they tackle some interesting themes in what is a satisfying movie drama. 644 more words


Classic Hollywood Birthdays

Lola Lane, singer & actress (1906-1981)

Sam Jaffe, agent, producer & studio executive (1901-2000)
Robert Montgomery, actor & director (1904-1981)
Fats Waller, jazz pianist, organist, composer, singer & comedic entertainer (1904-1943) 18 more words

Classic Hollywood Birthdays

May 21 in history

293 – Roman Emperors Diocletian and Maximian appointed Galerius as Caesar to Diocletian, beginning the period of four rulers known as the Tetrarchy.

878  Syracuse, Italy was   1,074 more words


Throwback Trailer: Rear Window (1954)

A wheelchair bound photographer spies on his neighbors from his apartment window and becomes convinced one of them has committed murder.

Throwback Trailer

The Whip Hand (1951)

Director – William Cameron Menzies

Starring – Carla Balenda, Elliott Reid, Raymond Burr


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