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Does This Make Me A Stalker?

Last night, I posted Seven Months and Seven Wonders.

I was tired, had a million and one  things on my mind, my ankles were killing me, I was putting new strings on the guitars for tonight and was a prisoner in my own home as parts of it were  being used to shoot a movie, but that’s another story. 386 more words

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Seven Months And Seven Wonders

While packing up all the equipment for tomorrow’s show this evening, I put on my second favorite Steve Forbert Album….Mission of the Crossroad Palms.

A song from,  and about  a very long time ago.   30 more words

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Who Am I?

Who is this actor?

What movie is it and what year was it released?

I never would have guessed the correct answer, but I’m not a big movie guy. 37 more words

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Ah, finally something about funeral service. This is supposed to be a blog about funeral service, right?

I saw this article today.  Jeff and I are casually acquainted and it wasn’t too long ago that we had a discussion along the lines of… 97 more words

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Nice Try, Scooter

Here is an “oldie, but goodie”.

Thanks to Pat Guanciale for the reminder.

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We Need Both

“Intelligence without ambition is a bird without wings”

-C. Archie Danielson

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I’ve seen it before and I’ll see it again

A couple just hanging on

Even though the words are no longer gentle

And the caresses no longer sincere… 36 more words

Ray Visotski