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The First Movie You Saw in Theaters and Reap the Wild Wind (1942)

Do you remember the first movie you saw in theaters? Mine was The Secret Garden in 1993. I had already seen the 1949 version with Margaret O’Brien and that was my preferred version, so I recall discussing the new film with my sister and deciding that we didn’t like the new version as much. 742 more words

Movie Thoughts

3 things about Allan Dwan's THE RIVER'S EDGE

The River’s Edge

1. Housecleaning attire: Daisy Dukes, skintight blouse, high-heeled shoes with powder puffs on them.
2. He looks at the silver case that contains the money and says, “What’s in the case?” 9 more words

Dial M for Murder (1954) – Textbook Plan

Based on a stage play, Dial M for Murder is like a play exclusively screened for the curtain. Much of the action revolves around the house of Mr. 593 more words


A Man Alone (1955)

When it’s on: Sunday, 8 February (11.00 am)
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Films about lawless men in the American west ‘new frontier’ are ten a penny, but things can get a lot more interesting when they focus on entire towns riddled with corruption. 765 more words