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Screw it, Ray Bradbury....something GOOD this way comes

For the first time in my life, I feel like I am in the right place at the right time.  Something good is about to happen.   389 more words


Gods and midgets

The people there were gods and midgets and knew themselves mortal and so the midgets walked tall so as not to embarrass the gods and the gods crouched so as to make the small ones feel at home.

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Classics I Want to Read

I have a confession to make, I don’t read a lot of classics. I know, hold your gasp. I am working on reading more for the pleasure of reading them. 257 more words



A while back I took part in a workshop designed to help you remember things better. And one of the tips that I got from there that can easily be applied to writing is making sure that, when describing something, you do so in the most graphic, sensory way possible. 130 more words



When I was growing up and looked forward to something in the future, my dad would remind me not to wish my life away, but enjoy today and make the most of it. 551 more words


Books in the Oven

In eighth grade, we read Bradbury. I took my copy of the book into the kitchen one evening while my mother was at work and put it in the oven. 274 more words

Analyze that Quote: Ray Bradbury

Not only can we learn things about the world around us, but we can also learn about ourselves from certain quotes. Since writers work with words for a living, oftentimes their written quotes hold a weight to them and wisdom that we can draw from. 331 more words