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Spoke too soon

I was a bit premature in announcing how well Midge was settling in.

There had been a few squabbles the first week she was here, though all the ones I’d seen were the result of Quorra being over-enthusiastic with grooming the newcomer. 389 more words


Meet the Rats: Midge

And then there were five.

This is Midge. She’s a two-year-old top-eared chocolate-coloured hooded ratty. And we’ve just adopted her from our neighbour — the one who introduced us to rats as pets in the first place. 264 more words


Meet the Rats: Quorra and Yori

We were going to wait until the end of October last year — when Rocket and Rommie would turn one — before getting more rats, but then some became available at the end of September and little ratties are so cute that, once seen, they just cannot be left behind. 544 more words


Litter Tray Overspill Guard

My girlies are so good in that they are litter trained but the moment I put the litter box in the cage litter is thrown everywhere. 181 more words

My new flatmates

This weekend we went to get a few things to make my new flatmates at home.

My new flatmates won’t be human though, instead they are rodents. 390 more words


Goals baby

I’ve had steady work for the last couple of weeks.
It is nice to have some bills paid up, but there are always new things that rise to take the place of bills that I’ve paid off. 219 more words

Film Industry

Rat Cage Cleaning!

Hey everyone!

I recently cleaned my rat cages. I have two rat cages at this point. I have three rats living in the large cage and just one living in the medium cage. 371 more words

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