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Art In The Garden

Thanks to Leslie Lowe and Allied Productions for making this event possible. https://www.facebook.com/events/1437217933264314/

I’ve been scrambling to make things and also helping Abue recover from a particularly bad fall. 122 more words

See How They Run (watercolor)

Cut off our tails, will you?

Vividly I dreamt of being overwhelmed with animals I must care for. Cages of rats that suddenly become cages of color-splashed birds and then rats again. 191 more words

Not My Small Diary #18: The Pet Issue

Delaine’s “Not My Small Diary” (aka NMSD) is one of the earliest minicomic zines I used to trade with when I was first getting into doing this stuff. 186 more words

It's A Beautiful Sunny Day And We're All Fucked

Good morning fellow fuckheads and fucktards. It looks like the master command post at Slothwright Enterprises has gone down, erased whatever awesome piece of crap we had intended to foist upon you this morning. 270 more words


Of Rats And LRADs

So though it’s been out for a minute by now, I guess I should show you my illustration in the latest issue of the Shadow (an NYC underground/anarchist newspaper.) 115 more words

Can Marco Rubio's Pretty Hair Beat Out Hillary's Scooby Van?

OK, I’ve been in a state. The state of Justin’s union hasn’t been so good, in fact, it’s been rat-crap down in the dumps. But, yesterday, it all changed when I saw Marco Rubio’s hair. 205 more words


Half Price Chocolate Easter Bunnies Invade Congress, Things Finally Get Done

It was a horrible sight in Washington DC today, as a bunch of leftover giant Chocolate Easter Bunnies invaded the sacred halls of our government, doing unspeakable things to speaker of the house John Boehner and his colleagues- wait, I’m sorry, I have nothing today. 291 more words