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Is behavioral economics just trendy?

Q & A With Richard Thaler On What It Really Means To Be A “Nudge”

Nudge is one of the most important and influential books on behavioral science and public policy I’ve ever read. 122 more words

Behavioral Economics

First Impressions, Second Chances

When you first meet someone, you form an impression of them in 500ms. I’ve noticed a similar phenomenon with ideas, places, food, etc. These first impressions are accurate enough for most things, but sometimes you find out That Person Who You Thought Didn’t Like You Because They Said That Vaguely Mean Thing Once is otherwise your best friend. 1,073 more words


The rise of short-termism

The Attention-Deficit-Disorder Economy

I was going to finish up this post earlier, but I got diverted on the Internet. First, there were those amazing videos of people snow-diving in Boston. 116 more words

Behavioral Economics

Scooby Doo and the mystery of Scooby Doo (3)

Part 3:

–   In The Demon-Haunted World, “Science advocate Carl Sagan favorably compared the predominantly skeptic oriented formula to that of most television dealing with paranormal themes, and considered that an adult analogue to Scooby-Doo would be a great public service.” ( 1,512 more words


Jotted Thots

Our regular scheduled programing of Chet ‘n’ Zoë will return after these messages.  (it turns out that with being a teacher and dad, I am unable to keep up with posting 1 each week).  9 more words


Opinion Formation and Persuasion: Structural and Contextual Models of Political Information Accumulation

Understanding how people, and particularly Americans, decide who to vote for and which legislation to support is no easy business. If it were, we could just as easily skip our Monday discussion, and there would not be hundreds of articles and books debating the place of political information in the American democratic system. 1,008 more words

Review Essay

Why complicate the expression!

To all those who consider Freedom of Expression as an unconditional/unquestionable license, I will say it is a right as per the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and every right comes with a responsibility. 159 more words