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Confident enough!

So turn off the running tap even if 100 hundred others did not.

I just wished to begin with a conclusion!

Anyhow, setting standards according to ourselves and confidently propagating them is common.

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Shaming is an important tool for societal conformity: Society is more important than an individual


Shaming has always been used by society to enforce conformity. Without such non-violent tools, controlling the behaviour of specimens comprising any society would have been impossible. 4,531 more words


Misbeliefs, evolution and games: a positive case

A recurrent theme here in TheEGG is the limits and reliability of knowledge. These get explored from many directions: on epistemological grounds, from the philosophy of science angle, but also formally, through game theory and simulations. 2,322 more words


Various ways I think about things and some stuff about the reactions to LKY's death (Another Facebook debate)

Once again, this is not a real post. Similar to the last one, the majority of this post will consist of a copy and paste of some facebook comments I made. 4,445 more words


The Gulag of optimization

A Sucker Is Optimized Every Minute

Not long ago, our blockbuster business books spoke in unison: Trust your gut. The secret to decision-making lay outside our intellects, across the aisle in our loopy right brains, with their emo melodramas and surges of intuition. 82 more words

Behavioral Economics