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Nothing left to say

As a student on Economics, I have actively begun to think of things using the framework of game theory. Anticipating.

But while this is a reasonable way to think it may cause, as seen in my lecture notes; 200 more words


Tips for thinking

Outsmart Your Own Biases

Suppose you’re evaluating a job candidate to lead a new office in a different country. On paper this is by far the most qualified person you’ve seen. 123 more words

Behavioral Economics

How you change your mind

What happens to today’s opinions tomorrow?

Byron Sharp’s How Brands Grow is the only marketing text I refer to on a regular basis. It’s well written and pulls no punches. 126 more words

Behavioral Economics

intersecting agencies and cybersecurity #RSAC

I recurring theme in my reading lately (such as, Beniger‘s The Control Revolution, Horkheimer‘s Eclipse of Reason, and Norbert Wiener’s Cybernetics work) is the problem of two ways of reconciling explanations of how-things-came-to-be: 970 more words


Lizards, politicians, addiction, and us.

Before it gets all academic in here, let me assure you that it will be less academic after this block quote. I wanted to write about lizards and politics, and what they have in common. 1,035 more words

Philosophy And Science

The Motionless Battlefield

It’s always the same.

I tell myself something about how I am going to wake up, but the reality is very different.

Last night I said I wasn’t going to hit the snooze at all. 708 more words

No Exceptions