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What comes after rationality? Adventure!

Before I asked “(…) [W]hat comes after rationality? Is it postrationality? What is post-formal operations like? What does transrationality look like?”

In this essay I start sketching out a path to answer this question. 2,232 more words


Alieving Rationality

Almost six years ago, Scott wrote a post on LW about the apparent lack of strong correlation of real-world instrumental success and studying what he calls “x-rationality” – that is, OB/LW-style rationality, of the kind that’s above and beyond the regular skills you can get from being a generally intelligent, thoughtful, and scientifically-minded person. 916 more words


On Arrogance

having or revealing an exaggerated sense of one’s own importance or abilities.

A friend of mine once mentioned on a comment written in response to some post or another in a facebook debate group that he had knowledge of maths far above the Brazilian average.

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Behind every successful man...there is an UNSUCCESSFUL woman.

Accidentally, I happened to decode the origin of a famous proverb- Behind every successful man, there is a woman. There are many people around the world who win their dreams on their own. 188 more words


S1, S2, and Superego

Brienne has posted on LW about simulating and deferring to more rational selves. The core idea is that you take an outside view on yourself and then act based on that outside view.  642 more words


Developmental views and rationality

I commence this essay with a quote about the use of a developmental view on political theorizing. Not going into politics (something I’m not doing before figuring out how to talk about socially dangerous topics), I build of that quote to talk about developmental views. 1,513 more words


Stop Stereotyping Indian skin colour

Why something that I am not? Why should I agree with a stereotypical notion?
Prerequisite information –

1- Major portion of undergoes harsh sunlight.

2- Given a variety of ethnicity and rich cultural heritage, as obvious from its being one of the oldest civilizations, Indians have almost all skin colors that exist on Earth. 94 more words