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FATED by Rebecca Zanetti

Dark Protectors, Book 1.

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From the Publisher:

“Marry Me

Cara Paulsen does not give up easily. A scientist and a single mother, she’s used to fighting for what she wants, keeping a cool head, and doing whatever it takes to protect her daughter Janie.

313 more words

Ted 2

Seth MacFarlane, you genius! The man is a quadruple threat as producer/co-writer/director of Ted 2, as well as providing the voice of the title character. 406 more words

Rated R

General Muttering - If Fantasy & Scifi characters had porn star names, what would they be? -Rated 18-

So I was having one of those random conversations and the porn name generator topic came up, which sparked a thought in my mind, what would the porn star names of our favorite fantasy characters be?  167 more words

3. General Mutterings

Sex and Marriage in Japan

General Note: The things I discuss do not encompass all Japanese relationships. Many younger people in particular do not fall under these circumstances and do marry for love, but for the most part these rules do exist and therefore are prevalent in Japanese societies. 821 more words


"Yeah, Mike"

I’ve decided to re-engage in a flash fiction writing spree, and you get the benefits. As an added bonus, I decided to play a little more with ¬†Mike and Daniel (Daniel is the MC for Nurse’s Orders, and Mike is his police officer partner in the novel, but as you know, I love writing the two of them together, too.) For tonight, I have for you a m/m blood/knife play short, at 500 words. 533 more words

Long Time.... No See...

I know that I haven’t been on in awhile and I hope that you all aren’t upset with me. I just had to take a break and get my thoughts together so I could talk to James in person without breaking down or punching him in the face. 248 more words

Review: Entourage

Well… Entourage. I can’t say I ever really watched the show, not often anyway. I had a vague idea of what it was: a satire of the film industry and Hollywood dudebro culture loosely based on Mark Wahlberg’s life. 363 more words