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Birdman - 7.5/10.

Fading star and former Batman Michael Keaton plays fading star and former Birdman Riggan whilst notoriously difficult to work with but brilliant Ed Norton plays notoriously difficult to work with but brilliant Mike. 212 more words

Rated 4-7

...And They Lived Happily Ever After - 6/10.

Wine, cheese, people smoking cigarettes whilst drinking wine and eating cheese, two sex scenes inside the first 30 seconds… I think I have just watched a French ‘Rom Com’. 137 more words

Rated 4-7

Honeymoon - 7/10.

Loving couple ignore thousands of horror films and have their Honeymoon in a cabin in the woods. The inevitable ensues.

I spent the opening twenty minutes of Honeymoon mapping out a negative review in my head. 109 more words

Rated 4-7

Ironclad - 5/10.

Imagine a crap Game of Thrones episode that drags on for two hours. Ladies and Gentlemen – Ironclad.

Ironclad is a fictionalized account of the siege on Rochester Castle by King John in 13th century England. 149 more words

Rated 4-7

Blue Velvet - 7.5/10.

‘It’s a strange world, isn’t it?’

Blue Velvet starts as a fairly typical, if a little off key, crime mystery. This being David Lynch it starts to get weird pretty quickly and then David Hopper shows up and everything goes fucking mental. 182 more words

Rated 4-7

Banshee Chapter - 5.5/10

Brilliant idea is ruined by bad performances, lack of imagination and a offensive Hunter S. Thompson pastiche.

There is so much scope for a horror film set in the aftermath of having taken a hallucinogenic drug, particularly infamous super powerful psychotropic drug DMT but first time director Blair Erickson ignores all that potential, instead opting for cheap scares and a offensive Hunter S. 152 more words

Rated 4-7

The Wolverine - 7/10

Wolverine… but in Japan!

It is easy to get lost in the current X-men time line what with all the sequels, prequels, half reboots and origin stories so to get something straight The Wolverine is intended as a straight sequel to… 310 more words

Rated 4-7