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“So rise up. Rise up now in the authority of My Spirit and wake up the church with My love. Reform and transform the church with My truth.” ( 724 more words

Prophetic Words

PRE or POST Tribulation Rapture??

One of the biggest debates today within the church is the subject of ‘will the church go through the tribulation’? On one side is the belief of a mid-tribulation or post-tribulation rapture. 945 more words


Travel Plans

I have some opportunities to travel. Are these signs?

Just a little bit chaotic

Yesterday was a very busy and tiring day for me. There’s a lot going on and I needed to put all that in perspective.

The day started as usual until 1:30pm, there’s someone needed to take pictures of me because I will be feature in a digital art school website to share my experiences with their current and future students. 435 more words


March 20th and the Olivet Discourse

*I believe that the pre-millennial, pre-tribulation standpoint is the correct one, since it is the one that makes the most sense and does not contradict itself. 4,417 more words


Mandatory Evacuation

One more thought on our evacuation; after Wednesday’s incident I began looking on Google Earth at the gas wells in the area. I was a little surprised. 262 more words

Morning Thought With Pastor Tim