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The Rapist Tinder

Date of meeting: April 2015

Just to be clear, no one actually got raped on this Tinder date.

We had been getting some bad weather in Sydney this week, and Rapist Tinder made an allusion to this with his opening line when we were chatting through the app: … 1,108 more words


Sexually Damaged

I did not want to come out on my sexual assault experience. During the few days (or more, I cannot quite remember) following it, I was in utter shock, frozen, felt a loss of dreams and romantic fantasies (I had been a very romantic little girl, dreaming of the ideal prince charming, of the ideal first time, the ideal love story, etc). 1,027 more words

By Me

2186. Anorexics, Suicides, et al. — Part 1

We’re all concerned with this subject. What causes teen behaviors identified by the title above plus overdosers, rapists, and mass shooters?

Several new revelations tied together in this series explain how some infants are mistreated, improperly guided as toddlers, and poorly led prior to puberty. 350 more words

Dear Daughter

Such a sad story, this kid was 14 when he started all this…

FOX 2 went to rape suspect Michael Darnell Sykes’ house, located not far from where many of the attacks were reported.

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Man Who Tried To Have His Rape Victim Killed Gets Maximum Sentence

DENVER (CBS4) – A convicted rapist who was found guilty of trying to kill his victim before she could testify against him was sentenced to more prison time on Monday. 236 more words


R for Rapist

No woman ever invites a rape and it’s never her fault. It is the man who cannot control his sexual urges and forces himself on a woman. 554 more words


Jameis apologize. Your victim deserves that

Note from Amy: While I was the investigative producer on the documentary “The Hunting Ground,” which features the Jameis Winston case, I had nothing to do with Brent Brents making the below statement, which he sent on March 31–before Erica Kinsman’s attorneys filed suit against Jameis Winston on her behalf. 407 more words

Brent Brents