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College Rape Prevention Program a "Rare" Success? An Open Letter to Jan Hoffman at the NY Times

Dear Ms. Hoffman,

In “College Rape Prevention Program Proves a Rare Success”, you concluded an otherwise empowering, data-driven piece on the effectiveness of self-defense by trotting out a quote from Kathleen Basile at the CDC, who ignores the data in suggesting that self-defense training places the “onus for prevention on potential victims”.    119 more words

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We at SJFB are getting a little tired of the latest backlash against self-defense, and the knee-jerk responses, by feminists and non-feminists alike, to Dr. Charlene Senn’s study out of the University of Windsor on the effectiveness of self-defense training in reducing the likelihood of attempted and completed assaults against college women, which was published in… 461 more words


Shatter The Silence

The following poem was chosen for first place in local contest and was written by a Northwest CASA teen client. She has authorized for us to share her words with you. 283 more words

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Hey, CDC: Friends Don't Let Friends Deny the Effectiveness of Self-Defense Training

The CDC is going to have an increasingly difficult time ignoring the data that show how effective self-defense training is for reducing completed sexual assaults.  As  662 more words

Changing attitudes towards girls and women: Kenyan program paves the way for hope.

Breaking cycles of violence against women can be harder in some countries than others. When generational, misogynistic mindsets are deeply rooted in cultures, they become a norm that is not easily changed. 388 more words


The Golden Rules of Womanhood

Sociologist and well known masculinity scholar Michael Kimmel describes the four golden rules of manhood as:

  1. No sissy stuff
  2. Be a big wheel
  3. Be a sturdy oak…
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Crusade against Prevention of Rape- We too have a role to play! Our contribution as parents and civic citizens

 “There is much more to being a patriot and a citizen

than reciting the pledge or raising a flag.”  -Jesse Ventura

As educated & aware citizens of the country we often raise indeed valid questions like ‘What does the State/Government do for the society?’ There is no denying the fact that development & social issues like up-liftment of the under privileged, income parity, preservation of Culture (Indian Culture, so fast getting attention, admiration & momentum in the Western World), curbing Crimes against children & women and other hindrances to country’s growth are definitely the Government’s business. 1,737 more words

Crimes Against Women