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When praise turns into pressure. Mo’ne Davis is getting kudos for forgiving the man who called her a slut. 45 more words


Mariel Hemingway's Disturbing Woody Allen Story Highlights the Importance of Bystanders in Rape Culture

There’s a scene towards the end of the 2009 film An Education in which Carey Mulligan’s heroine — who has dropped out of school to marry an older man who turns out to be an already-married fraud — talks with her parents. 781 more words


Build God, Then We'll Talk

Do you believe in repressed memories?

I mean, do you believe that you can actually have something happen to you that is significant, but you bury it so deep it’s like it never happened? 2,011 more words

Of the Worldwide Rape Epidemic

I’m going to start by saying this is in no way going to be an all-inclusive commentary on the issues of rape. (It’s also not likely to be very well written, seeing as the subject makes me righteously and justifiably furious, which in my case can lead to incoherent writing.) 720 more words


Rape culture? What is rape culture?

That’s the question I was asking myself recently after apologizing for an insensitive joke I cracked. Although no one addressed the mistake with me personally, eight days after making it I felt a strong conviction that I needed to renounce it. 459 more words

Being a Survivor, Not a Statistic

By: Anonymous

My freshman year of college was… eventful, to say the least. I made it on one of the athletic teams, I was highly involved in Student Government, I worked two jobs on campus, and I obtained an ID that stated a completely different birth year than the one I was born in. 1,585 more words


Flashword Friday #5: 50 words that all mean no

This weeks Flashword Friday is in response to the word RECONSIDER. It’s quite a dark one – so please take care! Don’t forget to check out Charlotte’s… 349 more words