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Jon Krakauer Mansplains Rape, But Will His Book Help Women?

Jon Krakauer’s Missoula is the true-crime story of a handful of acquaintance rapes in one college town. Krakauer, who happens to be my favorite narrative nonfiction writer, uses the same technique he applied in his last two books about… 1,212 more words


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It is absolutely infuriating that survivors have to rely on a man to tell the story of the injustices they face when they are assaulted on a college campus. When survivors come forward, we should believe them, and attempt to understand their experience. That being said, I am glad that Mr. Krakauer changed his mind once doing research on the topic. Rape is far too common of a crime for people to be this ignorant about it.


An older man with dark brown moles speckled under his sagging eyes and sagging chin bumbled around the subway platform, sweeping city dirt into the grimy tile grout. 851 more words

The Thing with the Mattress

It isn’t news that Columbia University student, Emma Sulkowicz has accused fellow classmate, Paul Nungesser of rape, and that when he was cleared of all charges, she took to… 922 more words

Columbia University

Wait, should I be scared of frat boys?

I am a young girl moving to a big city. This poses a lot of concern, most (but not all) of which lies with my parents. 616 more words

High School

The Unbearable Hypocrisy of Feminism: Rape Jokes

So rape jokes don’t actually cause rape but they, as you say, promote and perpetuate vague, nebulous concepts that don’t harm in a way one could quantify or demonstrate. 370 more words


Watching the Tonight Show; unexpectedly creeped out

I am off work and resting, and for me this means watching more TV.  I like things I can put on in the background while I’m playing a game or doing chores.   336 more words