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Everyday sexism

Everyday sexism happens when a simple ‘No’ isn’t enough to end a conversation when you have to invoke that you have a boyfriend; because belonging to someone else is more valuable than a no. 473 more words

Handing The Media Control Of Rape Culture (Final Installment)

Everyone thinks about of changing the world, but no one thinks about changing themselves.


(Leo Tolstoy)


Profuse amounts of days have separated my last scribble to this lovely piece of work. 635 more words


Tweet of the Day - Dean Esmay

Just a hilarious rape joke from self-appointed “men’s human rights activist” Dean Esmay.


You're missing the point, America

Trigger warning: incest, rape, molestation, assault

Just incase you missed it, the internet is going crazy over recent news of TLC’s 19 Kids and Counting family, the Duggars. 618 more words

Conservative Troll Charles C. Johnson Has His Twitter Account Suspended

Charles C. Johnson, a conservative media troll known primarily for smearing alleged rape victims and dead children, seems to have — once again — gotten… 370 more words


Drawing Red Lines: My Criticism of the Mattress Girl Legacy [Trigger Warning]

I will preface this essay by stating I am an unabashed Republican.  I will also preface by identifying myself as an unabashed male-feminist.  The two have never been mutually exclusive in the history of modern public policy.  2,440 more words

Civil Rights