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What Rape Is Not

Rape is not beating someone at a video game or being beaten in one.

Rape is not being under-prepared for an exam.

Rape is not rebooting a cheesy ’90s children’s show into a gritty short. 269 more words


If predatory lyrics weren't so catchy, would we still listen?

Ever have an event happen in your life that caused you to view the world differently?

I have. And it’s forever changed the way I view pop culture. 530 more words

Rape Culture

Respectability Politics Aren’t So Respectable

In 2004, Bill Cosby remarked “Are you waiting for Jesus to pull his pants up” to supplement his point that black men are not good fathers or role models for their children because of how they appear. 734 more words


On Serial Perpetrators, and How One Community Stood Up to Support Survivors

I’ve been meaning to write this up for almost a month, but, well, even though the situation turned out quite positively, I still needed some time. 1,878 more words

Rape Culture

On Rape Culture, Consent, and Why Kinky People Don't Go to the Police

Something quite unusual, radical, and relevant to the kink community just happened in Canada. And no, it’s not that Jian Ghomeshi came out as kinky (or, I should say, is trying to use BDSM as a way to mask his predatory, nonconsensual behavior). 1,188 more words


Six Ways We Can Support Survivors and Hold Rapists/Abusers Accountable

After detailing the ways that people silence and shame survivors while supporting rapists and predators, I want to talk about what we can do explicitly to support survivors and hold accountable people who rape, assault, and otherwise violate the consent of other persons. 749 more words

Rape Culture

13 Ways the Community Protects/Enables Rapists and Silences/Shames Survivors

I was just reading the Dylan Farrow’s incredibly brave open letter in the NYT about Woody Allen’s predatory behavior when she was growing up. Seeing the “backlash” against this article has got me thinking again about all the ways that individuals and communities silence and shame survivors, protect and enable perpetrators, and in doing so further participate in and perpetuate the actual sexual violence that occurred as well as systemic cultures of sexual violence (rape culture). 878 more words

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