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19 Kids and Society

Recent reports on the family cast of TLC’s (now cancelled) show 19 Kids and Counting have revealed that the eldest son, Josh Duggar, had molested 5 young girls, including some of his own sisters. 798 more words

Rape Culture

Why I'm Not Boycotting Game of Thrones

Warning: this article contains spoilers and content that can be triggering to survivors of sexual assault

If you’re a Game of Thrones fan or have been on social media sites in the past week, you probably know about the most recent disturbing scene from the show. 921 more words


GoT Spoiler Alert: Rape

I would call it a spoiler alert if we didn’t all know that it was coming. It’s not so much a spoiler alert as it is a given. 862 more words

Being A Loud And Angry Bitch

On a scale of Anne Frank to ISIS: thoughts on grace and inherent worth

I’ve heard varying explanations regarding humanity’s true worth and value. Some Christians believe we all have inherent worth and value because we are made in God’s image, a mindset that fits well with the Jewish one I was taught. 1,157 more words


Forgiveness Isn't Required

TW/CN: domestic violence, r*pe, victim blaming, brief descriptions of abuse

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I use to say I forgave my abuser. 1,278 more words


When agenda writes your novel

I firmly believe that writing is a vital part of healing from trauma, but not all writing that heals is meant to be published. At least not right away. 699 more words

Author Sarahbeth Caplin

Virginity is a patriarchal construct

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It’s difficult to call but I often wonder about the worst places to be a woman on earth. It’s easy enough to point the finger at those oddballs who don’t look like us but there are some issues that pop up wherever one might be based. 656 more words