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Welcome to South Africa: Where animals are actually kept captive and rape apologists run rampant.

Much like a snowball rolling down an ice laden hill, gathering more snow and growing in size upon its descent – so has my frustration with the content of this blog grown over time.  1,408 more words

As celebrities begin to boycott Dolce and Gabbana, Spectator writer Melanie McDonagh gets all homophobic (again).

Speaking to Italian magazine Panorama, fashion duo Dolce and Gabbana had this to say on the issue of same-sex adoption:

“We oppose gay adoptions. The only family is the traditional one.

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Testimonial: "The problem with incredibly intelligent people can be that they...lack empathy..."

“So, the problem with incredibly intelligent people can be that they sometimes lack empathy. When I first met my tutor, I explained that I struggle with PTSD, and he outright said “but it’s not because you’ve been sexually abused or anything is it?” Now, the correct answer was yes, but I was so affronted by the question and his reaction (he’d asked in an almost accusatory tone) that I said it was none of his business. 32 more words


Testimonial: "I am a 'slut' for being attacked - and my college will do nothing about it."

“I was not planning on writing to this page because I felt my experience was too painful. However, I saw an article from the Tab being shared around on Facebook. 578 more words


Testimonial: "...Cambridge University just doesn't care about its students."

“I think this page is doing a great job. For a long time, I thought that it was only me who saw that Cambridge welfare was a mess. 122 more words


Testimonial: "My college simply did not believe me when I told them, 'because men cannot get raped.'"

“I am a male victim of prolonged sexual violence. There is absolutely nothing in Cambridge to support people in my positions. I am too old for centre 33. 60 more words


Testimonial: "Words cannot express how disgusted I am..."

“In my first year I was raped after a swap. The guys I was with were very drunk and two of them attacked me in a friend’s room. 183 more words