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Testimonial: "The problem with incredibly intelligent people can be that they...lack empathy..."

“So, the problem with incredibly intelligent people can be that they sometimes lack empathy. When I first met my tutor, I explained that I struggle with PTSD, and he outright said “but it’s not because you’ve been sexually abused or anything is it?” Now, the correct answer was yes, but I was so affronted by the question and his reaction (he’d asked in an almost accusatory tone) that I said it was none of his business. 32 more words


Testimonial: "I am a 'slut' for being attacked - and my college will do nothing about it."

“I was not planning on writing to this page because I felt my experience was too painful. However, I saw an article from the Tab being shared around on Facebook. 578 more words


Testimonial: "...Cambridge University just doesn't care about its students."

“I think this page is doing a great job. For a long time, I thought that it was only me who saw that Cambridge welfare was a mess. 122 more words


Testimonial: "My college simply did not believe me when I told them, 'because men cannot get raped.'"

“I am a male victim of prolonged sexual violence. There is absolutely nothing in Cambridge to support people in my positions. I am too old for centre 33. 60 more words


Testimonial: "Words cannot express how disgusted I am..."

“In my first year I was raped after a swap. The guys I was with were very drunk and two of them attacked me in a friend’s room. 183 more words


The Bexleyheath teacher, the judge's comments, and our construction of victims and villains

Back in my early teenage years I had this intense desire to become a singer. This lead onto singing lessons and my taking a GCSE in music (which I couldn’t complete due to my health). 1,022 more words