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A Prayer for the Bravest girl in the world

I don’t often write about very personal matters, nor do I often write things about the severe subjects of Sexual abuse, pedophilia or rape. But today is a very special day, and as the person whom I am writing this about is brave and strong enough to present herself to the world the way she does, I feel that I can voice her and celebrate her online too. 747 more words


Senior Pictures

My parents have taken the time to go through our photo album trunk. While they separated all of our photos, they also put them in order. 327 more words


Why I Am Tired of Hiding my Rape

Because every time it comes up, I find myself having to explain as to why it was rape.

Like every single person is a jury, and I have to make my case. 288 more words


Dissociating - A Poem

I wrote this poem to describe what it’s like to dissociate (WordPress is not letting me space it correctly):

I don’t feel right.

Something inside of me. 79 more words

Domestic Violence

The #yesorno game launches

The spotlight is being thrown on sexual consent in Warwickshire as the county’s young people are asked to create short films about healthy and respectful relationships. 326 more words



I’ve learned that keeping busy helps me. I now work full time so I’m always busy. Busy helps the bad stress. It keeps my mind occupied. 34 more words

Domestic Violence

What Love Really Means

This week is the 50th anniversary of the assassination of Malcolm X, El Hajj Malik El Shabbaz. I read The Autobiography of Malcolm X when I was 21 and it changed my life. 612 more words