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My Home

I pack my bags once more
I close the door
There isn’t really anything to say
I am gone again
I didn’t think that this day… 623 more words

On The Fly

Summer Love (Stay With Me) - Lyrics

Listen to “Summer Love (Stay With Me)” here


I’m gonna sing this song for my wife

Thirteen years and she’s still with me…in spite of me… 440 more words

Christian Hip Hop

"The Message", Grandmaster Flash & the Furious Five

I don’t know nearly as much about rap and hip hop as I should, but I do know that this song is essential listening for anyone who wants to understand the music. 353 more words



The plane ticket in my hands- my body trembles
Just knowing that you are nearby- my brain resembles
A possibility of hope that seems childish and ill-gotten… 456 more words

On The Fly

Eight Rounds - Lyrics Sheet

Eight Rounds (Listen Here)


I’m in the fight for my life and ever morning my feet hit the ground

I lace up my battle gloves…preparing for eight rounds. 843 more words

Christian Hip Hop

I Do Not Fail - Lyrics Sheet

I Do Not Fail (Listen Here)


Set your mind to it; pray through it; go do it

Let nothing stand in your way; diligently pursue it… 575 more words

Christian Hip Hop

My Desire for Rap Lyrics as Visual Art

My Desire for Rap Lyrics as Visual Art

“I see music.”
–Beyoncé, Dec. 2013

Dear Beyoncé,

Before you made this statement and unleashed your surprise album Beyoncé a year ago, which broke my heart, crushed my dreams, and caused tear-dropping jealousy and awe, I had the idea of wanting to see rap lyrics.

1,075 more words