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Rap Appreciation Sunday - Lasagna

No poem today, so I’ll discuss this instead. This will be a weekly series of mine. I listen to a lot of rap music and these rap appreciation posts will be my top three rap lyrics for the week. 430 more words

Vintage embroidery patterns with rap lyrics - volume 1

I had this idea that it would be hilarious to combine rap lyrics with vintage embroidery patterns. ┬áThis 8″ hoop features a little pink gallivanting lamb with… 96 more words


New Rap Lyrics! 16.5.15

Blogleaf written by The Hamlets

Been around since the 70s NYC
Now we London city
I got rhymes like Benjamin Zephaniah
Poet of my borough… 232 more words

The Hamlets

Assholes By Nature - Umm Hmm

Affirmative, affirmative
Affirmative, affirmative
Affirmative, affirmative

Indeed, shall anyone take issue with the head of state of the pavement,
Inform them that I may be found in the low-income neighborhood, which I have yet to leave… 827 more words


Different Strokes ~ Don't Be Hatin'

All your blah blah blah
That scathing tone
Is just so much navel-gazing
Just a lot of bitch and moan

I’m sick of the ranting… 250 more words


Christian Hip Hop's Age Cap

I subscribed to the Wade-O Radio Show podcast a while back, to stay in touch with the latest in Christian Hip Hop music. While there are a plethora of Contemporary Christian music radio and Gospel music radio stations nationwide, American broadcast companies have yet to latch on to the exploding Christian Hip Hop scene, which (as of this writing) is already decades old. 1,199 more words

Christian Hip Hop

Found Love


All these fucken changes in my life/
now im comftable in sayin i got a wife
putin danger in her life/
coz all these bitches want a page inside the book about my lyf/ 153 more words

J. Six