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The curse of hair make-overs

January 2012: Cut my hair super short. My beloved went off the grid.

January 2013: Got bangs and had super short hair… again. I lost the racist bastard. 88 more words

Ranty Pants

C-Section? God damn right you gave birth.

Brace yourselves. I have my ranty pants on. I try to keep this a place where I do not share bad things (I’m not into hate reading or outrage mongering), but as I’ll explain…there’s a reason I’ve made an exception for this one. 780 more words

Just Some Thoughts

Ranty-pants: #VeryRealisticYA

*drags out soap box, adds glitter and then stands on it.*

Alright. So. I was going to write a post about how to get pictures you like but then I was browsing the Twitters while I was in line for tea and saw something that made my eye start to twitch. 755 more words


Doing Things the Right Way

Let’s start this off with what I think has become painfully, bleeding-on-the-floor obvious, but may still be a little fuzzy to others: There is no “right way.” 1,659 more words

Life & Such

Ranty Pants: Kickstarter

So, if you’re a big enough fan of YA you might have noticed the latest kerfuffle surrounding a Kickstarter for Stacey Jay. While I’m not going to recap it here (there’s an excellent summary… 943 more words

Ranty Pants

I Am Not A Kink or A Fetish.

I am not thin. I believe I have covered this on here before. I’m “Curvy” or “Plus sized”, depending on who you ask, and I’m not the kind of curvy or plus sized woman who is blessed with an ample bosom, so I look a bit uneven. 642 more words


The state of my relationship: AWESOME and RIGHT!

Dec 23, 2013 – the exact date of today last year – I was sad because I was afraid for us. I wrote a powerpoint presentation on how I was afraid. 94 more words

Ranty Pants