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i rly hate having to live up to expectations, and i hate it even more when i can’t live up to them. i’m sorry i can’t be the best version of me. 22 more words



Hey everyone! I just want to share something that really bothers me for days now. In reality, maybe this is not really a big thing for many of you guys, but for me the struggle is so real. 506 more words


A rant about airsoft, stupid bills, and stupid people.

On November 23, 2014, a 12-year-old boy in Cleveland, Ohio was shot and killed by police officers.  Eyewitnesses reported that the victim had what appeared to be a firearm, later discovered to be an airsoft gun with the orange tip removed. 2,384 more words


Hip Hop

Now I know that a lot of people have very different opinions on the hip hop genre. Sure, it features swearing and sometimes drug/sexual references. But it breathes life and poetry, giving the listener a whole new perspective on whatever the subject is. 30 more words


The Dress

I have had enough of this dress shit. People are going crazy about a tiny trivial thing. Arguing science over common sense, never coming to an agreement. 71 more words


☼AccuWhatTheF☼ck☼ Update☼

Isn’t SPRING Only Nineteen Days Away?!?
Sir Isaac Newton founded Classical Mechanics on the View that Space is Distinct from Body and that Time passes Uniformly without Regard to Whether Anything Happens in the World. 192 more words

Putting The *Fun* In Dysfunctional

Healthy NOT Skinny

So, I was on Pinterest and decided to start a new board called Journey to Healthy. So, I typed in Healthy and started looking for health tips to tweak some aspects of my diet and activity level. 341 more words