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More on the burning Pastor.

Facebook problem of the week:  Pastor says he will set himself on fire due to gay rights.  It is very odd on every level.  Self burning gained fame as Buddist monks did it first in protest of war. 428 more words

Personal Updates

Need an Umbrella?

Sometimes you’re like an umbrella…  People remember you during their darkest days with shower storms..  But when the sun comes out,  they bask in its glory without much care about the damn umbrella.  80 more words

I support you whether you like it or not

I’ve been running into ally shaming a lot lately and I think it’s fucked up that this is becoming a thing. I don’t mean educating someone to become a better supporter of your cause, I mean straight up shitting down their throat for trying to support as best they are able. 1,248 more words


Staying Positive, Or Going Negative

Good News: I have a feeling in my bones that I will find employment very soon, especially since my boyfriend and his older brother has been helping me out a whole lot for these past few days. 490 more words

In The Beginning..

All by myself

No one to talk to about job interviews, about trainings, about lunch, about pretty much everything. Photos of my lunch, selfies that I used to share. 96 more words


For All My Christ Followers Out There and Anyone Else Who Will Listen

Today was a day of reflection for me, and typically those kinds of days are good ones. Ones where I genuinely learn something new about myself or how I think. 651 more words


Time Defaulters And Me

What is it with people and their lack of time sense?

** Rant alert**
I really do not appreciate it when the so called “professionals” have to talk business with me and make me wait for 5 minutes, which turns out to be not less than 30 minutes at the very least. 213 more words