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What's In An Opinion?

Often times I come across posts that I am compelled to “give my opinion.”  Many times, my opinions are challenged.  Take climate change (aka global warming), I choose to believe the data is flawed and the ones telling me that the warming of the planet is more dangerous to me than to Radical Islamic Terrorism — okay, so they don’t say Islamic, I just threw that in for effect.   363 more words


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I often wonder why people don't challenge my opinions more. Perhaps your view is the correct one. Thanks for the mention! -OM Note: Comments disabled here, please visit their post.

A Fishy Dilemma

I was eating lunch with a friend in the office café when another good friend approached our table. He’s a very good friend, so naturally I encouraged him to pull up a chair.     668 more words


6 media scandals that changed the world

Anyone can tell a lie therefore the media can tell lies.  The only difference between the lies we tell our friends and the lies the media tells the world is that the media can have their credibility ruined… and they can get sued for libel.   725 more words

In The News


A major nuisance of mine is when people bandy about certain words with the intention of being insulting, only the words they choose aren’t in them-selves offensive. 464 more words


Behind the Curtain

Nothing like a million tests coming up for an increase in my blogging activity. :)

As you may or may not have noticed, I’ve changed up the appearance of this blog a bit and I think I’m finally happy with the way it looks. 184 more words


Hello March - we've missed you!

There is a reason February is only 28 days long. It is the most depressing month of the year. Winter has dragged on far too long by this point. 772 more words


Period shame

In Morocco, we have these “counter” type of stores for everyday things like foods, they look like this:

Because so many of our local stores aren’t “walk-in”, you just stand in front of a corner, order whatever you want or point at it, buy it and voilà. 458 more words