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The System is Broken

I’ve been feeling really anxious lately, more worried, more on edge, more depressed. It’s a terrible thing because I do suffer from depression and anxiety and I know that it can present its symptoms in cycles. 470 more words



There’s this thing that is misunderstood by people about anxiety. Anxiety isn’t just that nervous feeling you get when you go on stage. It’s far worse than that. 210 more words



I have limits. Everyone else in this world has limits. However different beings can withstand different amount of pressure. I for one have a very short temper. 209 more words



Am I supposed to be expected of perfection all the time? I am constantly surrounded by people telling me how I should be and how I must be. 289 more words



thinking and planning,

dallying and procrastinating,

realizing and weeping,

no time left for retreating,

none for learning or for cramming,

or lowering your morals and relying on cheating. 130 more words


American Sniper (2015)

I went to see this movie with a good friend of mine, Tom, a while back. He recently turned 18 and we got really very plastered to commemorate the occasion. 998 more words


Sh*t Of The Day; Entry #1

Okay, so I’m starting this blog because I need some place to rant without being judged. I tried out this app called “Vent” and it was really good and it helped me vent out my teen angst but, my supposedly anonymous account recently got exposed and it caused some of the best relationships in my life to end. 604 more words