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"It's A Wonderful Life?"

Well todays rant is on a touchy subject, but is one that is personal to me so it is an insight into Penelope. Normally not something I would not share, but it is also… 516 more words

The Rant Of Today!!

Don't Be a Ballbuster

Everyone is entitled to an opinion.  I have no problem with that.  It’s pretty hard to see something happening in this day and age and not occupy your mind with some sort of preconceived notion of how a thing is going to work out or how a certain situation came to be.  561 more words


Tuesday Thankful...

Today is Tuesday 4/21/15. I wanted to take a quick moment to list a few things that I am thankful for this Tuesday morning:

1. I am most thankful for my wife Michelle… 233 more words


U.S. cracks down on female teachers who sexually abuse students | Reuters

How many public school employees are sexually abusing children in the schools? 800 in one year!
It’s about time this kind of abuse by both female and male teachers is addressed. 115 more words

Public Schools

Here's Reds Manager Bryan Price Dropping 77 F-Bombs In A Spectacular Rant

Cincinnati Reds manager Bryan Price went off on the media Monday afternoon in a spectacular f-bomb tirade that lasted over five minutes. Price’s issue appears to be the media questioning the absence of catcher Devin Mesoraco, who was not with the team for Sunday night’s game. 363 more words


"My mom doesn't want your advice!" said a little child

“Let your words be soft and sweet”

People give this advice, it usually ends with ‘in case you have to swallow it’.

Good people, there are sometimes you have to be selfish and not care about the taste of words anyone may have to swallow back. 985 more words

Mommy Diaries

Dear Guys,

This is a track for the guys with one lady in their lives.

Sorry ladies, this one goes to the guys. Feel free to read anyway, and laugh immensly because IT’S TRUE.

272 more words