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On sex context

Twenty years ago, pornography was a different creature. Magazines and video tapes ruled supreme, and they were the filthy, physical evidence you had to procure by any means necessary and hide in the cleverest spot possible, somewhere both inaccessible to any prying eyes and readily available for every day use. 1,151 more words



So Ireland vote for marriage equality.

Which is crazy because it shouldn’t be something to vote about. I might sound naive or idealistic or whatever, but lately the whole concept of inequality seems just so stupid to me. 623 more words


Horrible Bus Drivers

This morning, the bus driver was so rude.

So I was waiting for any random bus to get on so that I could go to railway square. 471 more words

Bus Drivers

Writer's block?

Oh wow! Looks like I suffered a major case of writer’s block for about 3 years. Well not really as I had plenty of other writing to do: emails, tax reports, newsletters for my… 269 more words


Hello world!

Is anyone even reading this!

Well, Hola there!

Had been ever fascinated with the simple idea of writing my own blog, honestly! But never could muster the courage as a student and got too busy in the worldly things once started working. 224 more words

New Blogs

Not qualified......what?

One phone call.  One laugh.  One simple phrase was all it took to have my heart sink into my chest.  Let me set the stage for you.   734 more words


The Seven Gaming Sins - NBI 2015 Talkback Challenge #4

The 4th “Newbie Blogger Initiative” topic has been released this weekend: “The Seven Gaming Sins“. This one is not a single topic that you can write about, but seven questions instead. 1,122 more words