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Explain to me exactly why I need a man....

Feminism has made great strides in recent times and with new scientific advances it appears that soon we won’t even need the DNA from men to make new human babies, so it raises the question….’Why do we actually need men?’ Indeed! 276 more words


Who knew?

Who knew how ingenious tin foil manufacturers were with their packaging? And why at this age am I only finding out now?

I found this out this morning via my 15 year old daughter that there is a little flap on the side of cling film / tin foil boxes that when pushed in, will tuck into the inside of the roll and hold it in place. 107 more words


The invisible thief in everyone's home

And it’s not only pins and hair bands…..where do the socks go?

In my house in fact it’s all types of underwear. I think my girls may be actually eating their pants. 121 more words