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Networkus Dynamicus

Networking is such an interesting thing. Ten years ago if you wanted Johnny to come play, you would actually have to go to his house and ask his mom. 593 more words

11:11 pm

There is an ocean inside of me, and sometimes I only know myself by observing my dreams. I can be so cryptic that I barely understand myself. 394 more words


Projects and Keeping Busy

I have to keep my mind continuously occupied otherwise it takes me back to a dark place. Between watching movies, hanging out with friends and making bullshit plans that will never go to use, I have to keep myself busy. 440 more words

Lonely Nights...

You milsos know what I’m talking about. You have a great day filled with things to do, go out that night and enjoy time with your friends, and get home to realize that your S/O is still gone. 76 more words

It’s 2:22 am, I’m outside and the sky is filled with stars.  I’m ecstatic, ex-static.

Pain is so relative.

I find that in these moments, standing alone in the dark in the middle of the night, I am truly at peace and I realize that I have an inner glow and that I know who I truly am. 153 more words


Non-words with Friends

I like to play Words with Friends on my phone.  It requires a few brain cells to play, which I like, but not so many that I begin to wheeze the moment I open the app.   484 more words

Bits Of Life