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So You're Not an LGBTQ+ Supporter: A Rant

For the past few days, it has taken every ounce of me to work up the strength to log in to Facebook (I would normally just avoid it at all costs, but lately I’ve been logging on to help post on the “Class of ’19” page for my college so I can give the incoming freshmen some advice before they move in). 458 more words

Gay Marriage

Being a Mom Causes me to Live in Fear

This past weekend I stopped into a Barnes & Noble with two of my kids in tow. One of my sons had been invited to a birthday party at Chuck E Cheese and we wanted to kill some time in a quiet place until IM & Hubs were done with the festivities. 1,191 more words


You've got it flaunt it 

My self perception of myself is as positive as possible. When you get someone asking have you put on weight, sublty trying to ask are you pregnant (with my relationship status being fully commited to netflix, I don’t even know how) Recently I’ve been loosing weight so I don’t know how the whole you look like someone who might have the start of a baby inside you can work. 541 more words

Things I Think About Must Be Relatively Important

It's not all about you: Act II

As I have written before, I really hate it when people can’t keep quiet about news that isn’t theirs to share.

My sister had a baby recently and, not wanting the first day of her son’s life to be filled with text messages and Facebook messages all asking for news and updates, she planned to tell only close family the day of, saving the big announcement for the next day. 124 more words


why i don't follow you...

Hi guys, happy Canada Day, Wednesday, and birthday to my close friend Nova.

Today I’d like to address an issue I have. I have 75 followers. 112 more words

Important Rants

[Announcement] Project Hashtag Love Wins + Chuyển nhà (again)

Nếu như là một người ủng hộ của cộng đồng LGBTQIA+ thì chắc hẳn các bạn chẳng còn lạ lẫm gì với thông tin Mỹ thông qua điều luật chấp nhận hôn nhân đồng tính trên tất cả 50 bang. 834 more words


So Mad I Could. . .

I’m fuming.

I’m so mad right now I could punch a kitten.  I could scream at the elderly.  I could spit.  I could go out and get drunk and not come home tonight.   629 more words