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Poor Communications Kills - Preventing misunderstandings

One of the key reasons for games companies to talk to their players is to communicate expectations. Talking about upcoming features can perk up the player-base and get them excited about things to come. 345 more words

World Of Warcraft

I wish you could help.

Given what had recently happened over the past few days, and the fact that the main idea behind this post has been circling my head since the last post I wrote, it’s more than due to write it down. 1,702 more words


005 - Left and Rights

If parenting was a regulated right, who should truly be allowed to apply?

Listen Here 005 – Left and Rights.

Work Attitude

Something got on my nerves recently and I couldn’t resist the urge to write on it (Pfft Edwin, what’s new?!). The title says it all and yes I’ll be talking about people’s attitude towards work. 579 more words


Small State Blues

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No visual element could be a better match for the feeling I’m trying to convey than a screenshot from that scene in Dagur Kári’s film… 323 more words