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#RandomThoughts 4

While our lips touched and fingernails clicked; and we brushed our chin against the nose..
There were million other cells in our body, waiting their turn, anticipating a collide of the cosmos. 30 more words


Random thought-my violin

When I write I pretend I’m Beethoven or Mozart. Right now I’m listening to Piano Sonato No. 14 in C. Sharp Minor…I think it was also a scene in Interview with the Vampire? 289 more words


The dress - experimenting on the social online world

A few weeks ago, if my memory is not cheating on me again, Kim Kardashian attempted to “break” the Internet. Of course this never happened, the naked/ provocative center of attention wanna be photos have been thrown to the garbage, trash (or recycle bin –   if you prefer.) of the Internet. 760 more words



It’s been a hectic week and I’m sure there’s worse coming it’s way ugh… I am not the type of guy who works hard for anything, I’m usually relaxed and calm most of the time (in terms of homework and schoolwork). 1,494 more words

Tet is over!

Finally, 9 days off for the Lunar new year were over. The holiday that I didn’t expect turned out to be quite enjoyable and relaxing. The weather was great, the streets were beautiful and quiet. 377 more words


A letter for no one

I have been praying for the right love to come. I have been dreaming about it many nights.  I have been daydreaming about it time and again. 393 more words



Show me the ways of the heart, that I could deviate from its very path. Share to me the knowledge of ignorance, that I could forget as I understand. 28 more words