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….nothing can extinguish my anger..Nothing will restore my faith… (unless our wall of love gets smeared with the bloodshed of war..)

Unless we wake up one day… 41 more words


‘Right attitude’ to work

For a long time now I’ve believed that perhaps even more than your skill, and intellect, a ‘right attitude’ to work will actually benefit you in the long run. 376 more words

Random Thought

A thought for today:

Sometimes we need to slow down so we can catch up to God.


Hello world!

My very first post…. Wow!

Well, this blog is dedicated to whatever is going through my mind at any given time.

So… in essence, what random thought or rant that is on my mind long enough to be put on paper is what this blog is about. 19 more words


Few Moments

sometime life gives us
few moments to be with the one…
and infinite time to think about them

PS:  Just read, randomly somewhere on Google… Don’t claim my ownership as such… :)


+/- of Facebook

  • Birthday Reminders: I know how difficult it is to remember dates and it is even more difficult to associate them with people you meet once or twice a year.
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Make your friendship with Him life long

~Its never always you get what you want
All you need is to stay strong.
Much to live for, lot to achieves
Journey to success is not that long… 38 more words