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In need of a release....

I have been slowly releasing things from my heart lately. I’ve been growling a lot over things that don’t even matter at this point. I have grief issues, life issues, health issues, daddy issues and frankly I’m done with all these issues. 886 more words


Random Thoughts

Feel really good right now. Why? Just fantasizing about making it. That ambition is clean.

Just fantasizing of going IPO for billions of dollars. Silly? Sure. 733 more words


Hair and nails and shoes, oh my!

Just a couple of random thoughts while I’m in car with the family on the way to a kid birthday party.

For as much time, money, and thought I put into skincare and makeup, that’s as little thought that I put into my hair, nails, and accessories. 205 more words

First Thoughts

I have this thing, this bubble of thought that seems to travel around my head filling my thoughts with ideas and words to the point they must either be evaporated back into the stratosphere or spilled upon a page to be read. 200 more words


For Dads

If you want your children to love and respect you, show them that you love their mother.

march 26, 2015_pasig city

.Wednesday: March 25th, 2015.

Acid reflux-Heart burn or whatever you want to call it kept me up all night so I stayed home from work and relaxed.

I laid in bed most of the day and took some time to soak in some vitamin d while finishing my book, WILD. 53 more words


25 March 2015

Hi my dear wordpress, long time no see.

I meant to write this entry a few days ago, but Mon and Tue were kind of busy. 560 more words