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What's yours?!

I came across this on my Facebook.This shit is awesome.AWESOME.I tell you,this is fabulous.
See,what you have to do is,umm…well, nothing. It’s about where your eyes wander to. 171 more words

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On Friday I went out with my friend Nyasha and her friend Vicky.  We bumped into a couple of old friends at the club.  We had a great time and I had 3 shots(not much of a drinker anymore).   529 more words


'Teaching Wounds'

Nothing that happens on the surface of the sea can alter the calm of its depths.
~Andrew Harvey~

No one can take away who you are.Don’t give anyone that power.

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Yayayayayay! 50!

50 follows!50!
That too,in a couple of months!
Well,that’s a total surprise!
I mean,as I have mentioned time and again,I started this blog because of my need for introspection.To vent out,to babble,to talk nonsense,to write anything ,everything, whatever.I have mentioned so many times that I am not writing this blog for anyone else’s pleasure,but mine.It’s not in my nature to share things and express my feelings with anyone.Trust issues,remember? 37 more words

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The most important thing I want to tell you is this:Never give up on your dreams.No matter how many people say it’s impossible,no matter how many times you feel like you can’t cope up, no matter how difficult your journey is,you can create your ideal life.Always remember that you can do “it”,whatever “it” is.Your goals,however difficult,can be achieved.Your heart’s desires can become reality.Make things better now by taking steps everyday to get closer to the life you want.
And never,ever give up.



it’s been a while, kinda because I’ve been busy and kinda because I’ve been lazy.

This month I got to go to a weekend youth conference with my youth group and it was awesone. 80 more words