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Randomly Post #19: I'm Ready For Teen Wolf!

Typical of Teen Wolf to be ambiguous in its trailer. Actually, ambiguous is a soft word. No logic can come from this trailer. NONE. And I will not watch the previews or the behind the scenes videos because I like my episodes served piping hot with suspense.

Monday! Come at me.



Anyone had tics? I don t know if they re because of PTSD or if I just randomly developed a tic disorder, but the past week I ve had lots of tics. 76 more words

Randomly Post #18: Finn is STILL Too Hot to Handle

Oh, Nico Mirallegro (Mr. sexy Finn in the show), you need to stop doing this to me. I’m a respectable young woman. I have a job. 75 more words



Titillate: v. to excite randomly and illogically and with relatively low intensity

To titillate means to excite rather randomly with no clear goal in mind and so titillation usually has no purpose other than to excite the senses in an almost playful way. 80 more words

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