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Summer stroll

A stroll on the beach … at night … in summer. A glow on the sand caught my attention. As it grew brighter it caught my … full attention. 65 more words

Random Writings

Obligatory 'hello' post.

Just as the title suggests, this is my ‘hello’. My first post. My chance to tell you something about me. I’ve always found these sorts of posts really awkward in blogs and never really read them. 446 more words


Quartet Poetry

Excerpts from Fallon Rei. She’s quite witty I might say.

8 more words


Thoughts on Hope

My friend just got diagnosed with Stage 4 Hodgkins Lymphoma. She has begun Chemo treatments for it. She is 35, with three young children–the youngest of whom is not even 2. 399 more words



Dear grandma,

I really miss you so much.
How are you doing in heaven?
I know it’s a nice place up there and I knew that you are now peaceful and happy. 285 more words


Pitch Black

The night was pitch black. Eleven pm … pitch black. The moon was missing … it was supposed to be a …  full moon … it didn’t rise. 19 more words

Random Writings

Thug or mentally ill?

Thug, or mentally ill? Let’s consider the evidence:

* Racist hate groups’ constant rhetoric of “they’re taking over”
* Assault-weapon gun ownership (for protection) involving less paperwork then a fishing license… 824 more words