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Writing Prompts: Hating her is easier than missing her


Another mistake, another thing you had to break.

You’ve changed.

“What changed?”

When did you become so much more?

“Didn’t you want me to become more?” 75 more words

Random Writings

Random Thought

I feel like everybody else is progressing and I’m standing still

steady stressing, that’s why I’m trying to race to get a mil

second guessing about if I’m good enough to get a deal…

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A Lousy - Crook & Worse

(Final entry in the writing contest – another title that I decided to try and play around with. Not sure of a good way to frame the business cards in WordPress markup – might have a play around with it to improve them) 1,218 more words

Random Writings

The baby turns fifty

(Another entry in a writing contest – still not my title. This is a few months old, just thought I should post it.)

The baby turns fifty or so times in the air before he hits the ground. 40 more words

Random Writings

Random Thought

I’m a receiver girl, throw that

do what u want, please don’t hold back

she taking these ass shots like a kodak

she say u the man, I say s*** know that…

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Shades of Grey

I am so over hearing about what a horrible risk the 50 Shades of Grey movie is for the values of America and how God is going to smite me if I go see this depraved, women hating perversion of a movie. 831 more words

Random Writings

A Fool of His Infatuation

Where does love go after it dies?
Being the by product of infatuation
Could it be that this idea called love is all in ones imagination? 426 more words