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Random writing (11)

Prompt used:

“Falling in love is always ebony  getting along too hapless

If not yours then don’t try so hard to make it so

The night is already decrepit but you still don’t want to sleep… 138 more words


Random writing (10)

Prompt used:

Cold laurel seemingly spreads                  shadowing over the briar in my drawing”

I had a dream. In my dream, I was drawing, drawing a clump of briar, of the colour red, the red of flame, flame that reaches out to wrap around me, warming me. 97 more words


Random writing (9)

Prompt used:

I fell in love with a personalty who made me reckless

I thought that was the worship that I wanted to pursue… 114 more words



just some digital heaps of rotting skin. slow movements abound. sonic tunnels of slurps and sips. vacuums of death in sound.

feeding their generations of sins. 149 more words

Random Writing


I slept for over 13
hours yesterday. Didn’t
move once in my sleep.
Never turned over, even
a little, even halfway.
He tried to wake me up… 71 more words

Chasing Rabbits

V for Vendetta - who is behind the mask?

Yeah so we’re told it’s Hugo Weaving. The credits even list Hugo Weaving.

Even Hugo Weaving himself said “I am V” at a press conference or…..something like that. 97 more words

Random Writing


it’s been a year. since we decided to go.

and we’ve whispered our dreams. and shook the settling. while we found blooms of peace lilies. in a patient and forgiving white. 105 more words

Random Writing