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the tremble of your hands the shake of my kneecap it was always like this we steady each other

Chasing Rabbits

Teaching is finding your own people

When I decided to make the transition from teaching into Firki, I did it believing that I am increasing my scale of impact. On a good day, my reason holds true. 246 more words

Random Writing


How am I supposed to be myself if you decided who I was?

How do I know who I am?

Who is the person I see before me? 71 more words

Manic Mondays

The Cowboy Didn't Believe

The cowboy didn’t believe
you should shoot a man with his own gun
But I did anyway

Shot him square between the eyes
And didn’t blink once! 91 more words

Random Writing


I used to be different,
And then I turned indifferent,
And then there was this difference,
That differently differed from my indifference,
And instantly I turned different… 15 more words

Random Writing

Once a Year

You are the occasion,
yet I have nothing to give.
I hold only sparkles
which lack the metaphor
of diamond rings and gold charms.
I am weighed down. 82 more words

Chasing Rabbits


Alice is sleeping
by the fountain

she tired of
watching fish
tired of twirling
lily pads

Alice lays
on a bear skin
warm inside
thick fur… 39 more words

Poem A Day