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Random Writing: Insomnia

I just couldn’t sleep
No matter how hard I wanted to
Tossing and turning around
Opening and closing my eyes
It was just impossible

Insomnia makes you think a lot… 172 more words

Live and Let Live (4)

I had found the inspiration to write up one more snippet after all but I think it would be the last. The main reason is that I don’t think it helps me to improve my writer craft since it is some kind of signature feature of my writing that I tend to delve into character’s inner dialogues a lot. 463 more words


Poetry Collection

During the previous school year, I was required to write a final piece as a final grade to be entered into the gradebook. I chose a poetry collection. 253 more words

Final Piece

I'm stressed and that Baconator looks delicious. 

Are you ever so stressed that you eat everything? This is me. I’m eating everything. I’ve always been a fit girl. Now I don’t care. It’s sad. 42 more words

Random Writing

Tantalising thought-trains

It’s 11 o’clock at night, and I’m writing on whim. The fact I just spent half an hour creating this page – with a considerable amount of that time spent on thinking of an original title – means I just can’t bring myself to leave it alone. 482 more words


episode: dream

sometimes in my dreams, the white pain(t) is chipped off the walls and the wooden/un-even floors are creaky.

the uneasiness, remains.

however, lately, lilac &hazy hues have been vanishing the sights and i’m left wandering. 75 more words

Random Writing

Behind closed curtains of personality

As i open the closed curtains of personality hoping to find out what is fake and what is reality, maybe i’m losing my mentality…

I am sure many have many curtains so i’m not certain on my judgments but i will keep on opening these motherfucking curtains because i’m certain that these people are carrying a heavy burden and hurting underneath all these curtains that why i’m searching for a real person. 33 more words