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Long drive at the early hour !

And we hit the road at the earliest hour we could wake up at! The cool breeze was so good. And family? Yeah, they loved it too. 98 more words


It's (not) a cerebral thing.

Most people believe it’s a cerebral thing. Figuring out what to do next. In the future. Or in the next minute. They believe it as something planned out, and even if they’re the spontaneous sort, going along with it without really thinking of consequences, rewards, punishments, desirous and unflinching, one still has that momentary millisecondĀ of decision. 235 more words



Udah hampir setahun rupanya ga pernah nulis disini. Niat hati pengen nulis rutin, apa daya mood dan jari jemari tak sejalan (alesan.com). Rutinitas yang selalu dilakukan setelah lama absen adalah mencari template baru yg kece biar semangat, hahaha. 38 more words

Catatan Harian


It will be better
by Monday as long
as I keep my mind
wrapped around the
person I was. I let
you take advantage
of my kindness and… 94 more words

Poem A Day


there is a part of me that is still overwhelmed with the shame of my neurosis the selfishness of depression the vanity of starvation the insecurity and the helplessness that often to leads to self harm, drugs, alcohol who am i to feel any of those things but the chemical component in my brain is a powerful one and if i am to believe the doctors it is not my fault and if i am to believe the psychologists i did not have a normal up bringing or childhood but still every time i look in the mirror the same guilt and shame returns it is the cycle of my depression it is the pavement covering my feet.

Poem A Day

:on being happy

the position of the rear view mirror sits right at my sight.
so my glance repeats and i drive, on
a summer day with leather seats. 82 more words

Random Writing


Eyes meet and knowledge blooms, minds back away and begin to dance

Closer still as the sun rise and sets, rises and sets and the moon waits in anticipation… 52 more words

Random Writing