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This is not food - at the local family dollar store......

I love to explore local food culture when I travel. I peruse supermarket aisles.  Countries and regions within them have their own favourite foods and it tells you so much about where you have landed – socio-demographically, and about how important how and what you eat is to the local population, from the local family dollar store I deduce that the population is not too well off – the packaging is large, the prices low, our inn-keeper confirms this assessment. 374 more words

Random Thoughts And Daily Musings

The dai(l)ry joy - Lewiston, Maine

An oasis of light in the darkness – dispensers of joy in colours – sweet, rich and smooth – we just drove past but the queue made me stop and snap a picture..

Random Thoughts And Daily Musings

On the beach at dusk...in York, ME

 Beach in the evening – York – Maine?

Naturally there has been wining and dining on this trip – I passed on California oaked Chardonnay, I had a lovely US Riesling and some wonderful sauvignon blanc from New Zealand, in blatant disregard for ecology, there have been churches and culture, lobster rolls, steamed lobsters, aquarium visits where we were assured that eating lobster was a sustainable food choice, there was a wonderful haddock with beetroot and orange relish at my new favourite restaurant Joshua’s in Wells Maine –  the man is an inspired chef, he cooks as though each plate he prepares was made with love – for you! 155 more words

Random Thoughts And Daily Musings

Odd ingredients for your cooking pleasure - edible jellyfish

I didn’t know that some jellyfish are edible. I thought they are pretty yes. Lovely to watch as they swim gracefully ,  jellies above were not identified as being edible, the ones below Blue blubber jellyfish, however, are… 34 more words

Random Thoughts And Daily Musings

Summer roll addiction - a vegan summer roll recipe in images


Often when I cook I don’t feel that what I have done really warrants a recipe – most of my cooking is spontaneous, I will look through my cupboards, herbs and spices, or remember something I ate somewhere once – grilled salmon served on lemon potato mash for example or seared tuna with whole coriander seeds (they seem too big to be called seeds really) – and while my approximations turn out well for the most part, I wouldn’t really call it cooking by recipe – when I do use an official recipe I don’t post it for copyright reasons or If I do mention it I will link to the place you can find the official recipe. 618 more words

Random Thoughts And Daily Musings

Sunday panorama - view from Germany towards Switzerland

We are blessed by the proximity of France – 20 minutes drive will take you across the border to the petite camargue eat Alsatian specialties, or French specialties such as… 181 more words

Random Thoughts And Daily Musings

Introducing TDPC - Francesca

Hello everyone!

My name is Francesca and I think I can be considered a very late bloomer in the kitchen.

Until a few years ago, my interests and passions lied in anything but food: career, fashion, books, home decorating, flower arranging, traveling around the world and anything else that would satisfy my sense of beauty and aesthetics. 685 more words


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Please meet Francesca - fellow food lover food blogger and late blooming Italian domestic goddess -reading her introduction to herself - Francesca reminds me of a deep red wine - cherry and tobacco notes - here writes a generous spirit with a lot of depth, full bodied, life embracing and nuanced, accessible but only if approached with consideration and using all one's senses, this wine needs to be given time to breathe, I suspect though if approached with respect and time you will find very few other wines are in the same league as the one I associate with Francesca! Please go read her introduction to herself on the dinner party collective, read her hopes for the site, I also hope you will fall in love with the recipes, be inspired and enthused and will join us at the table for an evening of joy, celebration and culinary delights...