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To the person we will never have

There’s so much I’d like to write about but I want to get this thought off my head. So, let me begin by asking everyone… 957 more words

Random Thoughts

For the First and Last Time

The blog’s title is pretty confusing but yes and no; yes, this will be about my experiences that I might be doing for the first and those for the last time and no, this will not be a confession of suppressed feelings. 724 more words

Random Thoughts

Enliven Poetry

ツ Poignant anecdotes enliven poetry – J N

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Enliven Poetry by J N
November’s Petrichor
24th May 2015

Random Thoughts

Lists/Random Thoughts On: Personal Catch Phrases and Favorite Words.

I think everyone has their own dialect. I’m talking about how you can read someone’s text in their voice because of the words and syntax they use. 163 more words

Random Thoughts

Random Thoughts

Hi Kara,

I didn’t really have anything specific to post about so I’m going to post random stuff.

1) On a scale of 1-10, how mad would you be if Andrew and I came to Tucson this weekend? 332 more words

101 In 1001


In the end, we’re all just ashes burnt out and crumbling to the ground, reminiscing the days when the fire in our souls never seemed to run out of light.

Random Thoughts

Afraid and confused

And just like that, there’s a change…

He is so in love with her,

All he thinks about is her

All he can ask for is to see her… 42 more words