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Freedom of Knowledge

Inputs in any product or service can be broadly categorized into two:

1. Inputs like basic raw materials, power, space, manual labor

2. Inputs like skills, knowledge, patented/copyrighted products/services, marketing, branding etc. 1,401 more words

Random Talks

The Reason Behind My Hiatus

Okay, first off, that was probably the cheesiest title I can think of, and idk why I even wanna create such title. I should’ve left it untitled or something but then I thought nah R1 would probably start making fun of that. 788 more words

Random Talks

Most of us experienced such feelings of unstable conditions and discomfort over being in the transition between late teenage phase to the young adulthood phase. Knowing that days may stay as it is today but also understanding that everything will change someday, sooner or later. 94 more words

Random Talks

As Usual, After Long Hiatuses Comes Another Unimportant Rant...

Reader 1 : “Does this post need content? I think the title has quite explained everything…”

Me : “for the first time in forever, imma agree with u” 1,071 more words

Random Talks

“Bang, adek kangen.”


  • Bang = Variabel bebas. Bebas pokoknya, suka-suka situ mau masukin nama siapa.┬áMau Abang yang itu atau temennya atau malah yang satunya lagi, bebas!
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Mungkin udah puluhan kali baca di postingan di Path, Line, Twitter, atau di mana aja, bahwa ada orang-orang yang diciptakan untuk hadir di hidup kita cuma sebentar untuk ngasih… 320 more words

Random Talks

A nightmare dressed like a daydream.

Lady in the streets, freak in the sheets.

Random Talks