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How were the skating scenes in Blades of Glory created?

Suspension of disbelief is the currency of any action movie in which actors perform feats of physical prowess. Audiences wouldn”t expect comedians Will Ferrell and Jon Heder to actually attempt the icy escapades in Paramount/Dreamworks” Blades of Glory, but directors Josh Gordon and Will Speck didn”t want to cheat the action by simply showing the backs of stunt skaters” heads. 313 more words


EBJ PRESENTS...Would You Rather: The Eurovision Edition!

Greetings, fellow lovers of flags and key changes (providing there aren’t twenty of them in one song). Now that national final season is O-V-E-R over, we’ve arrived at that unsettlingly quiet period during which our forty Eurovision 2015 acts are barricaded in rehearsal rooms, not permitted to emerge again until they have to catch their flights to Vienna. 1,047 more words


On getting older

I don’t often look in the mirror. I don’t mean to do my hair or make up, but REALLY look. Especially in good light. Yeah. I did that. 155 more words

Why Am I The Only Girl Here? (War Gaming)

First of all, sorry for my delay in writing about Sky’s and Lotta’s adventures. I’ve been so busy trying to get my student visa application in order, which honestly is a great pain in the butt. 332 more words