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‘You are the breath drawn after every line’

-Agha Shahid Ali

Melancholic caresses,
from the dream
where it was night
shaped a shadow
by the illusion of…

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This Is Not The Garden Of Eden

My mother often used some pretty colourful language and she is brought to mind today because if she were here, she would ask why I’m walking around like I have a stick up my bum. 218 more words

Random Stuff

Is It Anime Time?! - The Best Time To Watch Anime

There are many animes I love because of the story, a few animes I like because of the art, and some animes I remember very good just because I watched them at the right time… 374 more words


Summer Plans, The Big House, and Not Much Else

John is a certified scuba diver. I am not. It has long been in my plans to become a certified diver, but it isn’t something I have gotten around to yet. 882 more words


Dog Guide Decision

For the past while, I’ve been wrestling with the decision: Do I get a dog guide or not?

As a result of surviving violent child abuse (Shaken Baby Syndrome) at the hands of my almost adoptive parents, I was placed into foster care. 493 more words

Random Stuff

The Most Expensive Treehouse In The World. Ever.

This has got to be the most expensive tree house in the world. ever.

But that is not the most interesting thought I had at the back of my mind at the moment.  150 more words

Random Stuff