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Winsome Words 4/21/15

“Violence is what happens when we don’t know what else to do with our suffering.” Parker Palmer, “Heartbreak, Violence, and Hope for New Life.”

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Evangelicals Who Are Not Evangelicals

Evangelicals Who Are Not Evangelicals – This blog post by Thomas Kidd is worth reading. He identifies four groups that usually get the appellation of Evangelical by the press or in church parlance. 206 more words

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Turns Out Writing The Great American Novel Is Tougher Than I Thought

You know I thought writing a novel would be easy for me to complete in an adequate amount of time so that I would not lose any time away from this blog. 353 more words

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Week 16 - The Cat Whisperer

This is really just a place holder, as I have a card full of photos to develop from our annual visit to NYC…just not sure when I’ll get to those. 123 more words

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Be Serious; Don't Write Humor

If you really want to have people respect you as a writer then being funny isn’t the route to go.
I know how this sounds. 368 more words

This Blog Needs A Title

Would you use a traffic sign for pole dancing?

Share this with you friends, one of them probably has tried this.


Channing Tatum Leaves Bag In Cab, Asks Social Media Fans To Help Him Find It!

Channing Tatum forgot his luggage in a cab so he decided to ask the good people of Twitter (and New York) for help!

With over 7 million fans on social media, there was a pretty good chance someone would come across the bag. 136 more words