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Day 147: Sunshine and Lollipops

It’s a stunning day today and I’d rather be out in the sunshine rather than writing a blog, so here’s today’s contribution:


Which classic Hollywood actor was buried with a whistle in his coffin?

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Random Stuff

A Night on the Toon - Newcastle Late Shows May 2015

An evening in Newcastle at the annual Late Shows. Fantastic free shows hosted at many venues usually closed in the evenings. The list of events is fascinating with an atmosphere like a mini Edinburgh Festival. 1,096 more words


It's These Words and Music that Keeps Me Living, Keeps Me Breathing.

In some of my previous entries I’ve discussed my desire to get out and do more, but how there’s some thing or some force holding me back. 1,143 more words



We moved to a new home last November. It is supposed to be our retirement home — the idea being that we pay off the loan in ten years, quit our jobs, and stay home, sitting in our… 372 more words

Random Stuff

I'm BACK baby!

Hi again guys!

Sorry for my absence the last weeks/months! Real life hit – and it hits hard!! I have still been playing games occasionally, but had to finish my 6th semester at university and write my bachelor thesis. 457 more words


Does the Christian Soul Demand Purgatory?

Thoughtful Christians have always struggled with the usual Evangelical assertion that all that Christians need to be better off is to die. “Absent from the body, present with the Lord.” (2 Cor 5:8) Different states of sanctification seem have no bearing. 171 more words

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