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I have no game

Game, for my none North American readers, means the ability to flirt.  I am blunt. Before my ex-boyfriend, I would speak to a guy I was attracted to when I saw him. 135 more words


Signs In The Heavens?

Greetings and thanks for stopping by The Countdown to see what’s new on the menu.

Today is a recipe that we came across by ‘chance’ it would seems, but we know better. 408 more words

Survival = Helping Others

Beep boop 2. Got nothing to report.


So, im reporting in again. Nothing good happened the last few days. I read too much stuff again. I recently discovered that i stopped caring about the opinion of others a tiny little bit (but just a bit. 35 more words

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so i found that new online dating website...


So, im trying out that new online dating website these days. I actually will pay like 30€ for the next 6 months to participate there. 96 more words

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3 bunnies, sitting in a house...

Just like the title is saying, i bought my 3rd bunny today. God damn i love those animals. I may be a guy, but i just cant get enough of those cute little fellows. 48 more words

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Storytime! So i texted with my ex last night...

Im tired. Im making my way through the days right now without a real goal. Im just doing things so that i did something. Well. Theres that. 671 more words

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Im still here

Uhm. Hi.

How are you guys doing?

Im not going to write a whole lot right now. Theres not much happening over here these days. Im just sort of sitting here, thinking about things and actually having a good time while doing so. 71 more words

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