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If you aspire to perfection just look at what I do, and then do the opposite.  In my defence I have never, EVER, said I was perfect.  252 more words

Random Rants

Weekly Rec - You Need Some Fabulous in Your Life

So… have you met Eddie and Patsy?

You should. They are Absolutely Fabulous. And by fabulous I mean offensive, lazy, worthless, vain, shallow, cruel, vapid, and usually hung over. 454 more words

Random Rants


I have never been sure whether anger has been the motivator or the inhibitor in my life.  Therapists will tell you that anger is corrosive, unresolved anger doubly so.  539 more words

Random Rants


Do you ever have that certain thing in your life that has always, always been there? Like your hair or maybe your thumb, you take its existence for granted because you know it’s there. 492 more words

Random Rants

Random Rant

Do you ever just feel stuck? I hate that feeling, I mean I don’t think anyone loves feeling “stuck” but I absolutely hate it! I feel stuck at my job, but it’s just a tempoary job until I graduate college. 315 more words

Random Rants

Everyday woes

In many instances of everyday life, I see screwed up and disgusting aspects of people. I ask myself everyday, why are people so fucked up? Then I realise, I am very fucked up as well. 141 more words


So many things going on.

I feel like my brain is going to explode. I’m somewhat overwhelmed. I have a lot of research for this quarter. I keep questioning my abilities. 24 more words

Random Rants