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प्रीत न कीजे पंछी जैसी, जल सूखे उड़ जाये,
प्रीत तो कीजे मछली जैसी, जल सूखे मर जाये

Random Rants

I'm sorry cow

I had a crazy craving for meat just now. Especially beef. I was thinking about how the beef would melt in my mouth and how juicy it will be when I bite on it. 149 more words

Random Rants

Clean Reader and why I don't think you should use it

Up to a few days ago I hadn’t heard of Clean Reader, then someone I know retweeted the following from John Scalzi

Asked for my thoughts on Clean Reader.

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The Weekly Winner in our Revive-A-Vintage Challenge Is...

Morning! It’s Friday and that means its time to head on over to ravelry, check out the progress on all of our Revive-A-Vintage projects, and let Mr. 637 more words

Random Rants

Yolo pt.2

Sorry I take back what I said. I’m just gonna cut bangs like this weekend. I simply cannot wait till the June holidays. I have no idea why this urge to cut my fringe is so freaking intense right now. 53 more words


Thoughtful Thursday...

Just a little food for thought…

A bible scripture was brought to my attention while I was researching a quote for one of the stories I’m writing and up pops Galatians 5;26 – Let us not be desirous of vain glory, provoking one another, envying one another. 480 more words

Random Rants

It is just a spelling mistake people, no need to bully the commentator!

I like to read the comments made on the articles of major newspapers like the SMH, The Guardian, or The Australian; I like to understand what real people think about news events and the points the article is making.   316 more words