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Bad messages

Why would you honor some one? Many reasons and many ways. But what kinda message are you sending when you give the keys to the city to a person, who, has been put in jail for a number of reasons. 126 more words


Online giants pull Confederate flag merchandise, but leave Nazi memorabilia

All across the nation, retailers and communities haven chosen to do away with the Confederate flag.

However, many online companies have adds for merchandise that some said promote hate. 215 more words


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This really gets me burning that you stop selling one item but keep selling another

Six Flags Put Some Distance Between the Park and Confederate Flag Years Ago

My how times have changed.

Thank goodness Six Flags has evolved with the times. Check out the picture of men in Confederate costumes march around the park flying the Confederate flag. 23 more words


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I can remember much of what is now gone. I can remember looking for s few things when I went over time after a long time not visiting. Sad really

Daddy Issues.

I recently received some advice about my blog… “remember to be authentic.”

Here goes nothing…

I don’t know where to start with this, how to end it, or if I’ll even post it. 559 more words


Soapbox: Five major big screen changes to superhero canon everyone seems cool with

Whenever a book, play or even theme park attraction is adapted into a film, there are invariably changes made to the source material. It’s a natural part of making something that works in one medium work in another, and nowhere is it more prevalent than when comic books are brought to life on the big screen. 2,252 more words