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The Earnings

It appears to me that the more you are being criticized that you earned things by wrong means, which to the best of your knowledge, are not by wrong means, the harder you should try to earn respect from those who criticize you and the harder you should try to find your faults that trigger the criticism. 42 more words

My Musings

High We Go

People are all the same
People desire sweetness
With just the right amount
Of black bold bitterness

People are sipping
From cups full of power, glory… 41 more words


Pre-writing Rituals

Before anyone writes, they go through a ritual that will either help get the creative thoughts flowing or help you focus on what you are doing. 267 more words

Brainstorming And Essays

There are things even Emma Watson can't stop or save

So, imagine this: in one ordinary Tuesday, just like any other, your father arrived home all happy and his mouth grinning from ear to ear. He has a surprise for you, he says excitedly. 1,177 more words


My Fighting Mind

It’s no secret now really. Any combat sport enthusiast already know that SEA Games is so damn near and the hype, the pressure (if any) and the expectations are real. 617 more words


Pondering Imponderables

So I was thinking…

Can one be conformist in one’s non-conformity?

One of life’s little ironies.



Family Storyteller

My family has not one, not two, not three, but SEVERAL storytellers. We’re Italian (at least on my dad’s side), and we are inclined to exaggerate and tell stories all the time. 426 more words

Brainstorming And Essays