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50 popcultural facts about me

Recently I’ve seen an entry like that on one of the blogs I read and I thought… why not? Maybe my own blog doesn’t have much followers, but so far I’ve been very secretive about myself. 1,330 more words


Random Ramblings 

So today’s blog is a little bit late and I don’t really have an excuse for it and I haven’t really planned what I’m going to say or talk about… The only excise I can come up with is that a friend came round and stayed over last night and let’s just say I got a bit distracted! 58 more words

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Expert at Moving House

(picture from pinterest)

Ugg!! Not really. Got you with that one. :P You did think that since this is the third time we are moving house in the span of a year and a half, we would become experts and moving would be a breeze. 232 more words

Random Ramblings

This Could Be A very Negative Post...

Confession time.

Last week sucked. Like...really sucked.

I am not sure what happened, but I hit the proverbial wall – and HARD.

On Monday I woke up and just felt like sh*t. 768 more words


I know, I know... I did it again....

…you know, that thing I do where I disappear for a while. One of these days, Kathy Bates is going to kidnap me and force me to write blog posts (if you do not get that reference, I can’t really help you, but I can give you cake. 119 more words

Random Ramblings


Outfit of the day! Needed an outfit for my partners 30th and had one of those I’ve nothing to wear moments. Nipped into New Look and picked up this jumpsuit for only £19.99 😱
Shoes- Heatons for £15

Random Ramblings

Tower-Climbing Adventures

I have mentioned before that I’m in a historical dance group. We mostly dance for the fun of it – we’re called Gaudeamus, after all, which means Let Us Rejoice – but sometimes, we get invited to dance at medieval fairs. 586 more words

Random Ramblings