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Post It Forward

The #PostItForward campaign was launched to harness the power of social media to spread positivity. It is a campaign to bring to light every day… 104 more words


"Bringing in the May" and Spring Flowers

Definition: The first day of May which has always been strongly associated with flowers and frequently includes the giving of May Day Baskets.

Provenance: Celebration of May Day began as pagan festivals, celebrating spring and fertility. 1,017 more words

Random Quips


Entertaining that is eco and socio-conscious as well as healthy  does not have to consist of brown invitations, brown napkins, brown bags, brown rice, and brown breads. 522 more words

Random Quips

Now, we don’t have any carpet in our house. Which makes it easy (because I’ve never seen a vacuum cleaner over here) but it also shows dirt and you can feel it under your feet. 112 more words

Random Quips

Things Going Bad #2

So I opened up a package of dried noodles today and they had this weird orange fungus stuff growing on them. *Shrug* Didn’t know dried noodles could go bad. ;)


When It's Time to do the Dishes...

So when I was passing the stack of dishes in the sink, an unidentified smell smacked me. So I decided it might be time to do the dishes…



It’s a sport!

It’s a toy!

It’s a yo-yo!

Yes, it’s just a string and a spool! –A spherical spool attached to one’s finger with a cord that is looped around the grooved middle of the spool. 665 more words

Random Quips