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It’s a sport!

It’s a toy!

It’s a yo-yo!

Yes, it’s just a string and a spool! –A spherical spool attached to one’s finger with a cord that is looped around the grooved middle of the spool. 665 more words

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A classic Caesar Salad is made of romaine lettuce dressed with olive oil and lemon juice, egg (raw or lightly coddled), Worcestershire sauce, black pepper, parmesan cheese. 702 more words

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How to Be Someone People Love to Talk To

When do we really learn good conversation skills? Well, we don’t. We’re just kind of expected to pick them up…

And we wonder why people aren’t better communicators. 2,535 more words

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Good breakdown of the art of conversation.

International Business Protocol

By Dawn Bryan, best-selling author of “The Art and Etiquette of Gift Giving” and “Elite Etiquette”, and founder of Qualipedia ™

It is very easy to unwittingly offend your international business prospects. 860 more words

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Called “food of the gods” by the Aztecs, the best quality chocolate is made of the highest quality beans and ingredients, with no fillers, waxes or additives. 442 more words

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Morning Dance Session

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Have’t you ever woken up one day and realized ……… no one actually knows you? I trust I’m not the only one to realize this predicament but man does it suck. 443 more words

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Sitting in Class

Friday, January 23, 2015

As I sit in class I think about what it is that is missing at this moment. There are people around yet why does the space feel utterly empty. 345 more words

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